20 content ideas for social media

When it comes to that time for content creation, do you ever feel stuck with what to post? Does your brain go foggy? Do you just wish you had a content bank of ideas that you could turn to whenever you’re creating content? Well keep reading as you’ll find 20 content ideas to post on social media that you can implement right away! 

As part of your content strategy, you want to make sure you’re including these different types of posts; connection, education, inspiration, and promotion. These four content types are fundamental to building your content plan and will help make the content creation process a lot easier for you.

You also want a place to store your content. Do you already have a project management system, or a place where you keep all your business assets? This may be Google Drive, or a system like Asana or Trello. Whatever you have, I’d recommend taking these ideas below, creating the content and then storing them somewhere safe, so it’s easy to come back to when you want to repurpose it. 

20 content ideas to post on social media

You’ll see there are 4 types of content below; connection, education, inspiration, and promotion. Once you have these pieces of content created for your business, you can place them under each content pillar for your business. A content pillar is a theme specific to your brand in which you create content about. For example, one of my content pillars is Instagram because the majority of my content is educating my audience about Instagram. Make sure you have these set in stone so you can then add your content ideas under each pillar. This ultimately will make your content creation process seamless! 

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  1. What’s the story behind your business name?
  2. What’s your why? Why did you start your business? Why do you do what you do?
  3. Introduce yourself. As more and more people come into your world, they will want to know more about you to create a deeper connection.
  4. Share a lesson you’ve learnt from running a business.
  5. Don’t agree with a popular opinion? Share your controversial opinion instead.


  1. What tools do you use in your business you couldn’t live without? And why you think others could benefit from these.
  2. New update happening in your niche/industry? Let people know about it if it will help them. 
  3. Create a mini guide on how to achieve [something very difficult] in your niche/industry.
  4. Share a tutorial your ideal clients often ask you for.
  5. Share a common mindset block you see and tell your audience how to overcome it.


  1. Share a motivational quote you’ve lived by since you were a childhood and how it still has meaning to you
  2. Give a shout out to someone who you look up to, who’s been there for you or who inspires you every day. 
  3. What made you decide to start your own business?
  4. Have a favourite book/blog/podcast you’ve been loving recently? Share with your community.
  5. What does your morning routine look like and how does it help you stay on track each day?


  1. Share a client result and mention how your audience can get the same by working with you. 
  2. Answer a popular FAQ you get asked by your audience.
  3. Share how many spots you have left for clients this month/quarter
  4. Talk to your audience about something you’re currently working on that will help people achieve [pain point your ideal client struggles with] and when it will be available. 
  5. Share what actually happens when someone invests in your services.

If that wasn’t enough, I have a free download for you which has 80 more content ideas in! I even give you examples of my own with some of them to help inspire you to come up with your own versions. You can grab it HERE.