hey, i'm abbie

I’m a freelance photographer based in Bristol in the UK, specialising in travel, interior and lifestyle photography. 

I’ve been a photographer for more than 6 years with experience in lots of different types of photography however, I have always come back to interiors, travel and lifestyle. Whenever I’m abroad, my camera is attached to me like glue. When I’m in an aesthetically pleasing property, I’m constantly thinking about the photo opportunities, and in general I like to think I see more than what meets the eye. 

I am continuously inspired by the incredible opportunities I experience, the creatives I collaborate with, and the brands I get to work with. 

Photography is my absolute passion, you’ll rarely find me without my camera!

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I’ve had some incredible opportunities to work with amazing brands, explore beautiful countries, and stay in some beautiful places! Click below to have a look at my portfolio. 




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Are you ready to have beautiful imagery that represents your travel and hospitality business in the best way possible? If you have a project in mind then get in touch and let’s discuss all the details! 

Details This Way

hannah elizabeth

Bridal Boutique

"There are so many enjoyable moments working with Abbie!"

Upon meeting you virtually I instantly connected with you and loved your bubbly but calm and collected nature! I felt reassured that I was in safe and knowledgable hands and it filled me with confidence that you really took it upon yourself to really get to know me, my business and brand! 

There are so many enjoyable moments working with Abbie! We've loved having you visit the boutique to capture some amazing imagery and content and have some very memorable moments! 

Amanda heath

Artist & Business Mentor

"one of those rare unicorns who delivers what she promises"

Abbie is an absolute sweetheart to work with and goes over and above, delivering outstanding results. One of those rare unicorns who delivers what she promises too, and when it arrives it's even better than expected!

You're amazing to work with, so easy and fun too. It's great! You are professional, fun, strategic and organised and you deliver the goods.


Jurassic Properties

"her photos captured each room beautifully"

Abbie's style of content has been a perfect way to help illustrate the details and care that we put into our holiday properties in Lyme Regis. Over a few days, Abbie produced a wonderful set of photos that showcase one of our properties and we've love to work with her again in the future. 

Abbie really considered the aesthetic we were trying to get across and her photos captured each room beautifully.