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How to create a compelling Instagram caption

So you’ve created the perfect graphic for your next post, created a bundle of hashtags you know work, confident it will perform well, and then what? Nothing. No engagement, no conversations started, and no one jumping in your DMs to talk about the subject in your post. Sadly, you can’t just assume the graphic and some hashtags will do all the work. You’ve gotta create capturing captions to draw your audience in and boost that engagement. Well, I’m here to give you some tips on how to write a compelling Instagram caption.

You’re not alone though. This has happened to me before many times, and I’m not out here saying I’m an expert at copy…absolutely not. But I’ve been working as an Instagram manager for a while now to understand what works to formulate a great caption. Bear in mind, this is just a formula to use as a guide, but you know your audience better than I do. Try longer captions, and try short ‘n’ sweet ones, and see what engages your audience best. 

There are 5 specific things I have to give you a little guidance in creating a compelling Instagram caption. Hopefully these will help you create great content that converts in the future! 

How to Write a Compelling Instagram Caption

Why are captions important?

Initially, the graphic/image/video you’re using will draw attention to your audience. Once they’ve got their eyes on your post, it’s the caption that will retain your audience’s attention. But without a compelling caption, you’ll quite quickly lose the reader.

Step 1: Attention grabber / hook

First things first, you want to start your caption off with a strong hook to stop the scroll, draw your audience in and leave them wanting more! This is so important as it’s the first part of the caption people tend to see when scrolling through their feeds. MAKE IT CATCHY.

Step 2: Add your personality into your content

Your audience wants valuable content from you, but they also want to get to know who you are as a person through your copy. Include your favourite phrases into your content, relate it to something you love or are passionate about, and bring that connection between you and the reader closer. 

Step 3: Speak directly to your ideal client

You want to speak to your ideal client as if they were sitting in front of you and you were having a conversation with them. My top tip for content creation is to imagine you’re speaking to that one dream client of yours. Just one person. How can you help them? What’s your solution to their pain points?  What questions are they asking?

Step 4: Always include a call to action

This is where you ask people to take action from the post. You want to end every post with a strong call to action or engagement. This can be as simple as asking people to comment their opinions below. People just want to be told what they have to do next. It’s as simple as that.  

Step 5: Use keywords and hashtags to make your content more searchable

Make sure you’re using keywords throughout your captions as these are searchable with Instagram’s keyword search function, making it easier for people to find content around a certain topic. And, of course, keep using hashtags that relate to the content you’re talking out. Make sure you’re not just using the same hashtags over and over again!! What I do is keep a few different bundles of hashtags around each content pillar I have in my business and tend to mix them up in each post. 

And there’s my version of how to write a killer & compelling Instagram caption. There are many different ways to formulate an amazing & catchy caption; it does depend on your audience and what sort of captions they engage more with so make sure you’re keeping that in mind!

Now it’s all good and well for me to just say ‘go off and create all the captions for your next 30 days of business’. But, let’s be realistic here guys. Unless writing is your absolute zone of joy, you have all the ideas and can shut yourself in your office and write for a couple hours, to go and write 30 odd captions off the bat is pretty damn hard. I struggle with writer’s block constantly and give myself a break if the words aren’t coming out with ease. I have a couple other tips that you can find HERE to help you get around writer’s block if this is what you’re currently struggling with.

If you’ve got the caption bit covered but stuck with ideas on what to post, grab my free download below!

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5 Instagram reels that don't require showing your face

There’s no question that reels are dominating Instagram and have been for some time now. I was one of the ones that initially refused to create reels; they weren’t for me, I didn’t want to show my face and I knew it was such a time consuming process which put me off completely. However, over time I’ve found a process that works for me, batch create reels in advance so I’m not spending all my time on them, and I’ve worked on my confidence and stopped thinking about what other people thought. 

Saying all this, I can totally understand why people won’t want to show their face in reels and pretend to dance, point, or lip sync… it can be cheesy, I know! Plus, not every business will want themselves in their content and that’s totally understandable. 

So if you’re reading this knowing you should be using reels in your Instagram content, but want a workaround where you don’t have to show your face, here’s 5 Instagram reel ideas you can create without being in front of the camera!

5 Instagram Reel Ideas that don’t require showing your face

  1. Screen Tutorials

Screen tutorials are a great way to show your audience how to do something. Some of the most useful and easy consumer reel content that I see on my feed is just phone recordings or computer recordings. There’s no need for all this fancy ass editing because at the end of the day, you want to educate that person to do this thing and if you over-edit something it can actually distract your viewers away from the actual message or tutorial. Sometimes simplifying is more effective.

Method: I recommend using a tool like Loom, Zoom or a screen recorder that may be an application on your desktop already to do your screen recordings. If you’re using your phone to do this, then it’ll most likely have a screen recorder installed (but make sure you have the microphone turned off unless you’re doing the voiceover as you do the tutorial). You can then use software like Canva to add it into a mockup and edit it. With the voiceover, you can either add this to the video in a separate app or you can just add it into Instagram straight away.

  1. Drawing tutorials

Another popular way to use reels is through drawing tutorials or simply writing on a piece of paper. You can see an example here of how this has been done. I’m sure you’ll agree when I say this is quite an effortless way of creating a reel. It’s quickly consumed, an easy way to portray a message, and doesn’t take too much time to create. If it’s deemed to be successful with your audience, you can brainstorm ideas and batch create these all in advance. 

Method: The best way I would create these is by using a tripod so that you are hands free to do the actual drawing. Make sure you’re in an environment with good lighting so the video is good quality and readable. Place the tripod in a position (this may be above so it’s looking down to the paper, like a flat lay, or at an angle) and keep it in this position throughout so you get a seamless looking reel. If you want a filter on Instagram for the video, apply this and then use the Hands Free option to record (be aware of the time limit!) or simply use your own phone camera to video. Once the video is completed, think about how you want it to look in the reel. Do you want it sped up/slowed down? If it needs any extra editing, I highly recommend using the app InShot. I use this for all my reel editing.

  1. Stop motion

Warning: This can be quite a long process to create.

Stop motion is effectively taking many photos of you or an object doing something and converting it into a video. I’ve seen some really clever videos doing this, check out this one from Sand Visuals, and this one from Collette Peri. If you give this a try, I’d love for you to share it with me! I always love watching these kinds of videos. 

Method: For these videos to work quite seamlessly, you want to make sure your phone/camera is in a fixed position (maybe use a tripod) so the frame stays the same and it’s just the subject moving. This will be easier if there’s a second person to help you but to take the pictures you can either set it on burst mode so it takes lots of photos in seconds (and the second person can do this for you). Or you can set your timer on your camera (phone settings may be limited for this) to take photos every 0.5 second. Once you’ve got all your photos, it’s time to edit them. If you’ve used a camera, you can use video editing software like Adobe, or there’s plenty of Stop Motion specific softwares out there.

  1. Voiceover

Using any of the ideas I’ve mentioned above, you can easily apply a voiceover. All you need to do is mute the original video and record the voiceover separately. You can do this either inside the Instagram app or using a voice recorder on your phone. If you’re not showing your face, another way to build the know, like and trust factor is through your voice. 

  1. Photo Collage

One other popular reels trend is photo collage, which is very popular amongst photographers (shock). This is an effective way to showcase your work instead of just your classic grid post. This would work great if you’re a product based business. You could use it to showcase a specific product, for example if you have a Christmas related product then you can share this around Decemeber time.

I did a version of this HERE and briefly showed my face at the beginning, but this could easily be replaced with a photo of your product/service. 

Tip: With any of these videos, I always use InShot to edit the reel so I can get the timing of the images spot on. It will depend on the music you’re using, but I prefer to use music that I can time each photo to the beats like I have in the example above.

And there you have it. 5 Instagram reel ideas that don’t require showing your face or being in front of the camera. Now you have no reason to avoid using reels as part of your strategy. 

Why not book in a power hour?

If you want to have a process for creating reels but not sure where to start, why not have in a power hour with me where we can map it out together?? I’d love nothing more than to see your business skyrocket through reels. You can book yours here!! We can even use this hour to create a reel together that you can share straight away – how fun would that be?

20 content ideas for social media

When it comes to that time for content creation, do you ever feel stuck with what to post? Does your brain go foggy? Do you just wish you had a content bank of ideas that you could turn to whenever you’re creating content? Well keep reading as you’ll find 20 content ideas to post on social media that you can implement right away! 

As part of your content strategy, you want to make sure you’re including these different types of posts; connection, education, inspiration, and promotion. These four content types are fundamental to building your content plan and will help make the content creation process a lot easier for you.

You also want a place to store your content. Do you already have a project management system, or a place where you keep all your business assets? This may be Google Drive, or a system like Asana or Trello. Whatever you have, I’d recommend taking these ideas below, creating the content and then storing them somewhere safe, so it’s easy to come back to when you want to repurpose it. 

20 content ideas to post on social media

You’ll see there are 4 types of content below; connection, education, inspiration, and promotion. Once you have these pieces of content created for your business, you can place them under each content pillar for your business. A content pillar is a theme specific to your brand in which you create content about. For example, one of my content pillars is Instagram because the majority of my content is educating my audience about Instagram. Make sure you have these set in stone so you can then add your content ideas under each pillar. This ultimately will make your content creation process seamless! 

If you have all the content ideas but hate actually making the content, check out my social media graphics offer here.


  1. What’s the story behind your business name?
  2. What’s your why? Why did you start your business? Why do you do what you do?
  3. Introduce yourself. As more and more people come into your world, they will want to know more about you to create a deeper connection.
  4. Share a lesson you’ve learnt from running a business.
  5. Don’t agree with a popular opinion? Share your controversial opinion instead.


  1. What tools do you use in your business you couldn’t live without? And why you think others could benefit from these.
  2. New update happening in your niche/industry? Let people know about it if it will help them. 
  3. Create a mini guide on how to achieve [something very difficult] in your niche/industry.
  4. Share a tutorial your ideal clients often ask you for.
  5. Share a common mindset block you see and tell your audience how to overcome it.


  1. Share a motivational quote you’ve lived by since you were a childhood and how it still has meaning to you
  2. Give a shout out to someone who you look up to, who’s been there for you or who inspires you every day. 
  3. What made you decide to start your own business?
  4. Have a favourite book/blog/podcast you’ve been loving recently? Share with your community.
  5. What does your morning routine look like and how does it help you stay on track each day?


  1. Share a client result and mention how your audience can get the same by working with you. 
  2. Answer a popular FAQ you get asked by your audience.
  3. Share how many spots you have left for clients this month/quarter
  4. Talk to your audience about something you’re currently working on that will help people achieve [pain point your ideal client struggles with] and when it will be available. 
  5. Share what actually happens when someone invests in your services.

If that wasn’t enough, I have a free download for you which has 80 more content ideas in! I even give you examples of my own with some of them to help inspire you to come up with your own versions. You can grab it HERE.