Experiencing my First Chinese Massage

A few weeks ago me and my friend decided to get a massage to get rid of some of those tight muscles and relax for a bit before our work load gets more and more! Tilly had already been to…

Zhujiajiao – The Venice of Shanghai

This post will mainly be photographs as I wanted to show off a bit of my photography. I have been taking my camera out a lot more lately and I am loving some of the moments I capture.Zhujiajiao is known…

My First Visit to Disneyland!

Being my first time to Disneyland, my excitement levels were very high. After an hours journey to get there, I was jumping up and down with happiness to just see the word Disneyland.We had arrived and got our tickets ready…

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Chinese Marriage Markets

It surprised me, when I asked around, the amount of people who had heard of the famous Chinese Marriage Markets. To be honest, though, I only heard about them from my sister last year and then did some research into…

Central Perk – Shanghai Style

A few days ago before this day I was doing some digging into finding some of the ‘hidden treasures’ in and around Shanghai. Because Shanghai is so big and has a bit of culture everywhere, we were bound to make…

Fake Markets and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

This week was the holiday of the Mid-Autumn festival which meant we had Thursday and Friday off.Because of this holiday, lots of tourist attractions were discounted so my flatmate and I thought we would take advantage of this deal and…


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