There’s a whole lot more to blogging than just writing. There’s more than what meets the eye. You’ve got maintenance of your blog, uploading to social media, being active online, creating newsletters…it really depends how far you want to take your blog.

A lot of the time I am on my blog but I’m not necessarily creating or publishing content – although I probably should be considering I have about 40 posts in my drafts. I’m frequently changing parts of my blog, updating previous blog posts, scheduling and uploading content for social media, organising promoting my blog, taking and editing photos – it’s all part of being a blogger and how your blog is presented to your audience. I think the presentation of your blog is so important because it’s one of the main factors to what attracts your audience. There’s no specific way to present it; it depends on your personality, your content and how you want to be seen online.


 So back to the main topic of this post….

Here’s 5 things you can do to your blog in the next hour apart from writing

Add a subscribe button to your blog

Whether this is a pop up tab as soon as someone lands on your page, or a button in the middle or at the end of every post your create, or it’s sat on your sidebar so people can always see it and subscribe when they want.

Subscribe buttons are very important so people stay connected with you and your blog. They’ll always know when you’ve posted and therefore won’t miss out on any exciting posts. I’m currently in the middle of sorting out a subscribe button, as I deleted mine not long ago and wanted to change where it was. I think I will either add a pop up – although I’m not sure how much people like that popping up every time they land on a page, I know I don’t – or I will have buttons in the middle of my blog posts to make it subtle but obvious enough.

Repurpose content from your blog

You have so much content on your blog or through social media, so if you’re struggling with content ideas or want inspiration for social media posts then this is such a quick and easy way to get it. Go through a bunch of blogs, pick out key points or a section of a post and ellaborate on it in a separate post. It’s so easy to do and you know what you’re giving your audience is informative and valueable to them. Use this content to then share across all your platforms, whether that’s through an infographic for Pinterest, a video on Youtube, or even a quick gif to share on Twitter. You have so many options to choose from which will all be beneficial to you and your blog.

To create some of this content, I would recommened using a tool like Canva which is so useful, easy to naivagte and provides everything you need in one place.

Organise and schedule this month’s content on social media

To try and find time to sit down and schedule a load of content for the next week or month is a struggle for a lot of us. It is actually a really easy task but we keep pushing it down the line of tasks or say to ourselves “oh I’ll do that later this evening” and end up never doing it. As boring as it is, it’s a priority for us. We know that it’ll be beneficial to us in the long term and it’s one of the ways we use to drive in traffic. Without scheduling tools I think we’d all be screwed.

The scheduling tool I live by and have ever since I started blogging a few years back is Buffer. Easy to use and time efficient, Buffer is what you need in your life. And they have a free version. It does have its limitations but it works well for me. You can schedule up to 10 posts at a time. Yes, I would ideally love to schedule the whole month’s content in but I can live without it for now and save the money. Perhaps in the future I will come back to this question of whether I need or not and invest in one of the subscriptions.

List any content ideas you have

Imagine the amount of content you’ll have after an hour of brainstorming, researching on the internet, using social media for inspiration and reading lots of blog posts…the ideas will be floating around your brain and you’ll end up have hundreds of blog post ideas. Sometimes I even just google or search on Pinterest ‘blog posts ideas’ and so many bloggers have provided lists of hundreds of blog post titles, so you can’t really go wrong.

Even if it takes getting out the house, exploring places, going for a drive or go shopping…all this time is valuable thinking time and you’ll be surprised with how quick ideas come to mind. Now get brainstorming!

Take stock photos

 You have time right? Well get snapping! I think it’s so useful as a blogger to have a bank of stock photos somewhere on your computer so that you always have photos to use in case you haven’t taken specific ones for a post.

I like to take a few hours in a day just taking lots of different shots so then I know I’ll always have back-ups. Yes, the editing process can be long, especially when you’ve taken a few hundred, but it’ll be so worth it in the long run.

Having stock photos always come in handy when I’m writing a blog post but don’t have photos prepared, or if I want an image for social media content. Honestly, it’s such a useful folder to have on your computer and will save so much time on some occasions.