March 14, 2019

7 Ways to Improve your Instagram Engagement

I'm in no way an Instagram pro...if I was then I would've shared these tips with you a long time ago. The way I have improved my Insta game is through increase in activity, blogger's tips, and of course Pinterest! Because of these things, I have managed to improve the way I use Instagram, how I interact with it and socialise through it.

We all know that Instagram is a tricky platform, and one which we all get annoyed with from time to time - trust me, I went through a period where I was tempted to delete my account forever. Sometimes just even changing part of how you use it can have a huge impact on your engagement. Changing the way you use will not only have an impact on your engagement but it should change the way you view it and feel about it. Don't expect it to change over night because that's usually not the case, but by following some of the tips below you should start to see a change in the statistics and hopefully start seeing your account glow.

Follow accounts similar to yours

Right, let's start with an obvious one.

A lot of the people liking/following your content will probably have the same taste. So this is where you should connect because you already have something in common. I love that Instagram recommends similar accounts after you follow someone. I use this feature a lot because they usually relate this based on the content. So this is a great way to increase your following because you share the same style.

Reply to all your comments

I don't really understand accounts that don't reply to comments. It's just a bit rude, especially if they want to find something out or just want to know where your gorgeous shoes are from. I get it if you have thousands and thousands of comments pouring in and don't have 5 hours to scroll through and reply to them. But even just replying to a few would be kind and then they appreciate that you've taken some time out of your day to acknowledge them.

The time of day that I post, 8am, is just as I'm leaving for work so I usually don't have time to reply to comments as soon as they pop up. However, I usually take time every few days to sit down and reply to every comment I've had in the last few posts. Sometimes I do it weekly which may seem like a long time but at least I'm replying and interacting with everyone still. And it never goes unnoticed as accounts like my comments so I know they've seen my reply.

Comment on other people's posts

Following on from the previous tip, commenting on other people's posts is just as important. Mainly because of what I've said above is why this is so important and valuable to them and yourself. It implies that you're interested in their personality or content, and that you enjoy what they're putting out there. Just the other day, I discovered one of my followers is studying Chinese which is what I studied at university so I got so excited and commented on her posts. We instantly bonded and now engage with each other frequently. So even just pointing out small things will go a long way.

Side note: I also get a lot of cute messages through my DMs which I think is incredibly thoughtful and I appreciate when someone just wants to get to know you more. Abbi from Woollyjumperweather popped up and we bonded through having nearly the same names and dogs!

Share your favourite accounts

Instagram is a very engaging and connecting platform, so why would you keep your favourite accounts from everyone? People want to discover new accounts, they want to connect with new people, so just taking an hour each week to share your favourite accounts, or new accounts you've recently followed, so that your followers can go on to follow them is a good way to show your support. This won't go unnoticed which is why people will then go on to follow you because they see how supportive you're being.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a good way to show what your life is like outside of social media. It's a chance for your audience to see the real you. I love watching stories because I see the person behind the account. I find out more about them and why they love doing what they're doing. I also love the simplest of stories, where someone shares 5 things they've bought recently or what they're wearing - it's all so great.

I must admit, I'm terrible at remembering to use stories to show more of my life, and I hate speaking to a camera - hence why I chose blogging and not vlogging. We all have a weak point and this is mine. I keep saying I'll get better at it but it never really happens. But I will always use Instagram stories to share my weekly favourite accounts so I guess that's better than nothing??

Host a giveaway or collaborate with other accounts

This is a really good way to increase your followers and overall engagement. In order to host a giveaway you usually have to get people to follow you, or like a picture, so it's probably the easiest way to get those 50 followers you need to reach 5K. I've been thinking of doing this recently as I think it will be a good way to create a better connection with a lot of my followers. Also, who doesn't like a giveaway?! Perhaps if I get my ass in gear then I could sort this out in the next couple of weeks - watch this space.

If hosting a giveaway isn't for you, or you just don't have the time or effort to put in, then maybe a collaboration is more your style. This doesn't even have to be complicated. At the beginning of last year, Sarah from endlessdistances and Annabelle from aheartfullofhope started an Instagram challenge about self care, getting outside, and a gentle start to the year. People had to use the hashtag #aheartfullofdistances to document their stories and they would share a bunch of posts at the end of each week. This was very successful and I found a bunch of new accounts just from this one challenge, and vice versa. So something as simple as that could be very rewarding.

Promote your Instagram on other social medias

What's another way to let people know you have Instagram? Spread the word through other social medias.

On a side note...

Change your account to a business account so you can view your analytics and see which posts perform best. It's so easy to do and worth it in order to track different sources.

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What are your top tips on how to improve your Instagram engagement? Share them in the comments below!

2 responses to “7 Ways to Improve your Instagram Engagement”

  1. Lanae Bond says:

    I took a break for Instagram until I figure out what I was doing wrong. Your post came at the right time, so thank you!

  2. Shannon says:

    I’ve been watching so many videos on how to improve my engagement and I’ll take whatever I can get to beat this algorithm aha!

    Shannon x

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