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I’m a big movie fan. I will watch movies over daytime TV any day. The only tv I watch are A&E related programmes  – I find them fascinating – and The Big Bang Theory. 

When I want to watch a movie, we have plenty of choice because we have Now TV, Netflix & Amazon Prime – it’s a little excessive – and about 800 DVDs. However, this does make picking a movie very difficult. To enjoy a good movie you want to be relaxed and comfortable, and with a nice TV. This is where the Oled 4K Tv Panasonic comes in. These high definition televisions have a sleek design with a beautifully bright, colourful display. Bringing you a design with you in mind, these TVs are adjustable for the perfect viewing conditions, so you can watch what you want comfortably.

In the last few months I’ve discovered some great films, new and old, across a range of genres. Many of them are popular and have been talked about a lot, others may be the first time you’re hearing about them. I’m sure you’ll be youtubing the trailers of some of these films once you’ve finished reading this post. 

Some of my favourite films are from the Netflix Originals – so many are awesome! And I cannot wait until April when an exclusive series from David Attenborough will come to Netflix. How many of you are planning on getting Netflix for that month?! I know I would be if I didn’t already have it.

Right let’s crack on and discuss the movies I’ve been loving lately – some a little too much that I’ve watched them more than enough times. They’re in no particular order – they’re all amazing!



Movies I’ve recently been loving

Home Again

This is a real feel good film. It’s family friendly with a little romance between Reece Witherspoon and Pico Alexander – beautiful human being. It’s got everything you want in a film, great main character (who doesn’t love Reece Witherspoon), comedy, romance, and family friendly. It is a happy film with lots of positive messages hidden throughout. I’ve probably watched this out 5 times since October…


I only watched this last week and I question why I didn’t watch it earlier. This gripping film is based on the real life event of Sullenberger’s emergency landing on the Hudson River in January 2009. It follows the mental distraught it brought to his life whilst trying to fight his corner against the National Transportation Safety Board who believed Sully could have made a safe landing to a nearby airport. This could have jeopardised his career. I highly recommend you watch this film as it’s filled with emotion, tension, and a bit of comedy at the end. 

The 10th anniversary of this event happening was earlier this year and Captain sully reunited with all the passengers.

Set It Up

Another Netflix original which I’ve watched about 10 times now. It’s probably one of the films I’ve watched the most in my life and I only discovered it last October.

It’s about these two personal assistants who don’t have lives. Their lives revolve around their jobs and they soon find a way they can escape being at work 24/7. Does this then lead to a romance of some sort? Watch and see! Honestly one of the best Netflix Originals I will never get tired of watching.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Another one of my absolute favourites but a really sad one, so get the tissues ready. This is the true story of how Christopher Robin became famous, although it wasn’t what he wanted at all. I’m not going to give any more details to this because it’s a film I think everyone needs to watch and find out the whole story yourselves. It is a beautiful film, you will regret it if you don’t give it a watch.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is your classic chick flick. It’s teen American movie with romance, cheesiness, awkwardness – everything you could want in a chick flick. I found this movie the week it was released on Netflix, as well as finding the author of the book on Twitter through my notifications and seeing everyone rave about it, so obviously I was going to watch it. And oh my god I’m obsessed, I’ve already watched it about 4 times. I love it! I love the actors, the story plot, the cheesiness. It may not be to everyone’s taste, especially if you don’t like a good chick flick. 

So it’s about this girl who’s sister sends out these love letters she’s written to all the boys she’s fallen in love with in the past. Ultimately they all find out and  that’s when all the drama starts. I’m not going to give too much away, basically just watch it to find out what happens!


For all you comedy lovers, Jumanji is the right film for you. Oh my god this film is hilarious. I actually had no interest in it beforehand and then my sister persuaded me and my parents to watch it together. It’s a stupid but funny film, the kind I love. And it has the best cast – Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan. 

What is Jumanji? Four teenagers get stuck in a video game and have to completed each level in order to return to their normal lives. They are faced with big challenges which they need to work together to pass. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, some which will make your stomach hurt they’re so funny! 


Not a film, but a documentary about Fyre Festival which has got everyone talking. It’s quite disgusting to watch because of the amount of money being thrown around and how Billy McFarland doesn’t give a sh*t about ruining people’s lives. The reason why I loved it is because very few people knew about this before this documentary was released, and now, thanks to Netflix, people are talking about it and a miracle happened which goes to show how powerful the online world is. One of the many Bahamian locals set up a GoFundMe hoping to appeal for help when her life was changed forever after the Fire Festival fail. If you still don’t know what I’m on about, go and watch the documentary on Netflix now. I definitely think it’s an important documentary which covers how easily people can be scammed and that you shouldn’t fall for everything you see. 


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