We all have our days in winter where we don't want to leave the house - basically have lazy days by wrapping ourselves in blankets and drinking hot chocolate - because of the dreaded cold temperatures. We become a little lazier, at least I do, during these days. But I'm here to help, because I sort of get the hang of it now, your lazy bums become more productive at home without even having to leave your house - bet you're intrigued now? Keep reading if you want to make your day more exciting! 

How to be productive during winter

Get up early, shower, and get dressed

This is an all year round tip for being more productive at home. I find my days are automatically more productive if I'm up, dressed and look decent for the day early-ish. I don't feel greasy or messy. A fresh me = a productive me. 

Morning yoga or workout

There's nothing more productive and energising than morning yoga or a sweaty workout. Why in the morning? I believe when you've done a highly active task in the morning it increases your energy for the rest of the day and makes you want to do more active things. I also find a workout refreshes my mind and makes me more active for the day. Yoga is the perfect morning activity to stretch out your muscles and wake up your body.

Make a delicious, appetising lunch or bake!

So you now have the energy (it's all about the energy) and time to dish up a scrumptious meal for lunch. It's important to have your 3 meals a day - and even better if they're mega tasty, healthy and home-made! 

Power hour(s)

Now you're full of energy you could fit in a good power hour (or a few) and finish off any deadlines you have in the coming week, respond to emails that have come through in the last few hours, or it may even be a mini revision session for an exam you have coming up. Do it now before you lose all your energy! 

Clean your house / room

You may be slowly losing energy by this stage but cleaning your room could bring it back up if you're like me. Sometimes when I have little energy, or just nothing to do, I give my room a good clean. This actually increases my energy as I get more into it - this obviously may not be the case with everyone - which is why it makes me so productive. 

Cook something new and different for dinner

You may start becoming lazy now so it may be a just 'shove in the oven' dinner but to finish off the day on a high you could cook something new and different. Then just crash out for the day and feel really good because of the amount of stuff you've fit into your day! WAHOO DON'T YA FEEL GOOD?!

How do you keep yourself going during winter?