Oh autumn is here (prepare for lots of autumn photos in the post)! I absolutely love autumn for many reasons. Apart from the colder days, less hours of sunlight, and the known fact that summer is a distant memory, autumn is a season of festivities, cosy days and autumnal walks - and et's not forget it means Christmas is right around the corner!

My favourite things about autumn

Autumn isn't my favourite season but then again I don't think I have a favourite season, or every year it changes... However, I think there's more things I like in autumn than the other seasons. QUEUE THE LIST.


This is probably my favourite thing about the season change from summer to autumn. The leaves turn red and pink and orange, and everywhere you look it looks like a painting. SURREAL. I love finding places in parks or around the countryside where you're walking down a long path or road with colourful trees either side, it's quite magical - sorry for the cheesiness...

Golden Hour

Oh my favourite part of the day all years round...GOLDEN HOUR! There's nothing more beautiful than that golden glow we get early evenings; when it reflects onto trees, buildings and windows.

Fluffy Jumpers

You can never have too many fluffy jumpers and Autumn is the perfect time to whack them out your wardrobe and make the most out of them. I recently bought an extremely comfortable jumper from New Look and oh my it's the softest thing EVER.

Caterpillar Boots

They may not make a fashion statement, but they're the shoes I more or less live in during autumn and winter. Although they're not the prettiest shoes, they're warm, sturdy, practical, and sooooo comfortable! I always wear them on walks as I know they'll keep my little tootsies warm. They were my mums previously so they're a size too big but that means I can wear four pairs of socks with them...yes, I wear four pairs of socks occasionally on the colder days.

Everything Red

I am currently loving the colour red, I have been for a while actually. It's the perfect colour for autumn as well, you blend in with everything and feel just as colourful as everything else around you. My favourite red things have to be my big coat and my red bobble hat - I'm so happy they're back in my wardrobe!

Onesie season

So I know this is so 2013 but I love my onesie and I'll keep wearing it until I either outgrow it or I find an even better one!! I wore it for the first time in 8 months the other day and I forgot how frickin' cosy they are. Mines very fluffy and even has a hood so I can just bury myself in it. 

What are your favourite things about autumn?