Obviously travelling is an incredible thing to do and I'm so grateful for the amount of travelling I've already done in my life. However, it's not always rainbows and butterflies, and those of you who have travelled long term before will agree with some of these negatives to travelling.

Transport delays

The last thing you want to hear over the tannoy system is that your flight is delayed, or even worse, cancelled.

The tiring part of travelling is the travelling...when you're moving in between countries or cities as it's usually an early start, an effort to get to the place you're leaving from (i.e.the airport), and you know it will be a while until you get to crash out on a bed again. So finding out there's a delay in your journey is one of the worst things to happen - trust me, I've experience it a few few times.

False accommodation advertisements

Ever turned up to your hostel/hotel/villa and it's nothing like the photographs online? Yep, me too. Unless you're one of those people that just care about having a bed and that's it, then it sucks.

I am very particular on my accommodation requirements (wow that sounds snobby) so when I enter the room and it's 12 beds with one bathroom...the conversation between myself and the staff won't go down well. (Hey, it's your fault you advertised your hostel as a 4 star!)

Injuring yourself

Story time: Last year I went to Cambodia during my South East Asia travels and it was all plain sailing until I go to Angkor Wat. The whole reason I was excited to go was for experiencing Angkor Wat, and what happened? Oh yes, my knee dislocated. Ouch! I was incredibly lucky that it was on my final temple visit and that my tuk tuk driver was so helpful, even though he didn't speak a single word of English (oh wait, he knew bye...). It also didn't make help that I was alone in Cambodia and made friends THE DAY I WAS LEAVING, after I had got over the whole knee sitch.

So yeah, injuring yourself on your travels isn't great, especially if you're alone. Even if you're travelling with someone, the whole communication and hospital visit is a pain in the arse. Just for goodness sake make sure you have travel/medical insurance otherwise it could cost you an arm and a leg to cover the costs.

Low energy a lot of the time

The travelling across country, to other countries, or just for a day to an attraction can really drain the hell out of you. You get into bed at the end of the day and just feel all your muscles weakening and brain not working anymore - you're that exhausted. It baffles me how some people can do that and then go out drinking until silly o'clock in the morning every. damn. night. How do you do it? Tell me your secrets!!

It's impossible to fit everything in to your stay

Unless you're in a city for a good few weeks, then you'll struggle to fit every single little thing in (unless you're extra extra organised). So what I tend to do is make a list of places I'd like to go to and, if there's too many, prioritise the ones I would absolutely HATE to miss. And who knows, you may have an extra half a day spare to do one more of those things on your list.

Everyone's experience of travelling is different but I think these things are relevant to everyone, unless it's just me and my bad luck then yay.

Do you have any parts of travelling you dislike?