July 4, 2018

Our Dream Kitchen Coming Soon || Pinspiration

DISCLAIMER: All the photos in this post are from pinterest. I do not own them.

So after 8 long years of waiting, we're finally getting our dream kitchen. We've already bought the kitchen and now we're at the fun part of buying all the appliances and deciding where everything will go (sounds sad but I'm in my element with this stuff). The build doesn't start for another month but will hopefully all be completed by October/November time. Just in time for Christmas and party timeeeee!

So what will our dream kitchen look like? I'm not going to go through every aspect of a kitchen because that could go on forever; I'll stick to the basics for now. 


We have all been dreaming of having an island in our kitchen ever since we moved in and it's finally happening. It was probably the first thing on our MUST HAVES list. I just think they're perfect for entertaining and make kitchens look   bigger.


It's taken a good while to finally find a worktop my parents are happy with. They originally looked at corian but after looking at those prices (almost the same price as our kitchen in total), there was a very small chance we would go with that. We've now found a supplier nearby who does amazing worktops at such affordable prices.

We wanted a worktop which has a strong contrast against the unit colour and that's just what we've achieved.


All the appliances we're looking at/already bought are making me extremely excited. There were a few main appliances which we wanted (which then turned into needed the more we thought about it; double drawer dish washer (you can wash one drawer at a time or both together - how cool!!), American fridge freezer, double wine fridge, and few other cool elements.


This is the part we love during winter as we're having under floor heating throughout the whole kitchen diner, so I'm basically going to be hugging the floor and sleeping on it during winter.

I love the stone flooring as it brings a neat finished look to a kitchen.

Oh I can't wait until it's all finished and we have our dream kitchen after 8 years of waiting! The build is supposed to be starting in a months time...yayayayay I'm excited!!!

What are your favourite parts of a kitchen?

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