July 22, 2018

5 Inspiring and Motivating Podcasts We Should All Be Listening To

I never fully understood the reason people liked podcasts so much but that was before I discovered a whole load on topics I'm interested in and where they're general conversations between groups of people. 

Now I get it. I love listening to podcasts as it's a similar way to listening to news as you sometimes hear things on subjects you missed online or didn't read into enough. I also love hearing the difference of opinions and hearing about the way people live their lives on a daily basis. Even though I've never met the people, you get to know their personality through each episode of their podcasts. So here are a few of my favourite podcasts, as well as some which I think YOU need to be listening to. 

Ctrl alt delete

Emma Gannon is a social media guru and does her job like a boss! One aspect of the millions of things she does is running a podcast called Ctrl alt delete where she discusses hot topics such as the internet, social media, feminism, creativity, identity, mental health, life, careers and everything in between. She chats with guests in each episode chatting about the relationship between them and the internet. 

Keeping it candid

Keeping it candid podcast talks about current events, taboo topics and everything else related to the millennial world. Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton are two down to earth girls who relate most subjects to their own lives which I admire. They open about struggles they had when they were younger to the difficulties of dating in this day and age. Listening to their podcast I sometimes think I'm part of the discussion because it's just a long chatty conversation really. They are both so real and also hilarious!

Guys we f****d

Krystyna and Corinne's podcast was the first (out of a lot) I actually loved and became addicted to within the first episode I listened to. It's mostly aimed around sex and how the world should be a sex-positive place. They interview a great range of people and I just love listening to the various stories, good and sadly some bad. I love how interactive they are with their audience and don't give a sh*t about giving their absolute honest opinion - which we should all be like! They have a great following from each aspect, as they also do comedy shows. If you haven't heard of them then look them up and you'll be drawn to their content in minutes!

Is it just me?

This podcast is a great bit of fun, with a bit of seriousness in-between. Jo Elvin and James Williams open up discussing things going up and down in their lives, occasionally in a humorous way, and they don't worry about getting judged, who should? A celebrity guest makes an appearance (well not really as we don't see them but you get what I mean) on each episode and talks about things they may be struggling with or find awkward/kinda funny. It's usually a laid back chat which you can put on in the background whilst you're cooking up your Friday curry.

Get it off your breasts

Get it off your breasts is a podcast also created by Emma Gannon, co-hosted by Lliana Bird, but brings something different to the table. Each episode they invite a guest to the table to talk about any subject they're passionate about. These subjects range from racism to sexual encounters to any modern day issues people are facing. It is a very real podcast and can get deep - we all need to be listening today! (Also, don't you just love the podcast name???)

I haven't been listening to podcasts lately as I've been so busy with life. My favourite thing to do is listen to them on a long drive as sometimes music can get tiring and too repetitive. 


What are your favourite podcasts? Share in the comments as I'd love to discover more!

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