No blog is perfect. Every blogger needs to know that. You should never take offence to people popping by your blog once and not coming back, it's bound to happen plenty of times. If a blogger criticises your blog, take it as a positive. Use that constructive criticism to improve the way you blog or what your blog looks like.

I once got told my photos looked too edited and now I've dialled down on the editing and made my photos look more natural. I was grateful for that comment. 

You'll always have people who don't particularly like your blog and it's simple...their style is different to yours. 

I don't judge a blog straight away; I always read a few of their posts and see if it's my kinda thing. Sometimes it is, other times it isn't. At least I'm being honest here. 

I want a blog to be of my taste, presented neatly and one that shows a bit of their personality either in their writing or photos. Because I am a little bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to laying out my blog and structuring it, a small hint of disproportion or untidiness will distract me from what is probably a great blog with amazing and informative content. It's my fault I'm like this though. 

So I'm writing this to share with you the aspects I look for in a blog. 


By style I mean the way a blog looks, how it's structured, the colours the blog uses, and the template for the blog. The neat and organised look appeals to me. I also like very minimal use of colour, either monochrome or a hint of colour here and there. 

The style is really important because it's a way of defining you and your blog. What you offer, how creative you are, whether you're more colourful or keep it simple; all these things are shown just through a simple look at your blog.

My favourite blog style and layout is without a doubt In The Frow!


Obviously content is probably the priority in this list because it's what your blog is about. It's why you created your blog to talk about things you're passionate about. I am very into lifestyle, personal and chatty posts so this is what tends to draws me in, but then I think my content is kinda boring/informative...

A few of my faves which produce FAB content:

Hannah Gale | Sophie Rosie | Georgia Knight


Another aspect which plays a big part in what attracts me to a blog is the photography. I'm incredibly passionate about photography so I appreciate it when bloggers take real care into creating beautiful photographs. And let's be honest here, good photography does make a blog look more attractive. I think people overthink the whole editing side of things but even with VSCO (which is free!!) you can turn a simple photo into something beautiful.

Here are a few posts relating to photography:

All about my photos Q&A | My blog photography (little outdated but still a few useful tips in there)


I don't know about you but I want to know the person behind the blog. I want to find out who they are. You should OWN it. 

Every blog should have an About Me page and I usually go straight to this before reading any posts so I know more about the blogger. It also makes you feel like you're connecting with the person more if you know a few facts about them. 

A few bloggers with GREAT personalities: 

Vix Meldrew | Fatima Writes | Endless Distances

So there's a few things I focus on when exploring a blog. I know this post isn't everyone's cup of tea but I find them quite useful to improve my own blog and find out what everyone thinks is vital through a blog. 

What draws you into a blog?