Either it's your job, your blog, a hobby, a goal, anything; we all have those moments when we just can't be bothered, right? You're not with it and you lose to motivation to keep going. You may be there in person but your mind is wondering off elsewhere.  It happens to all of us. I'm one of those people which it happens to more often than it should but only with certain things, LIKE MY BLOG! 

Ever since starting my job two months ago I really find it hard to come back home and write, even though I only work half days. I think it's mainly to do with having a job in marketing so I'm doing similar stuff to what I do at home with my blog, and let's be honest..it can get repetitive and eventually boring. And I don't want blogging to become boring or force it out, it should come naturally and when I want to blog.

How do I get into the right headspace to work?


This is my priority in order to get my body and brain focused to work. It's either a bit of meditation, yoga, or even calm music which will get me into that work mode. Music works for me the most. Not loud music, no heavy metal or pop, I love listening to meditating music or piano. I don't know what it does to me but I immediately get in the zone (I'm listening to some now as I write this).

It's important to relax before work so it refreshes your mind and relieves some stress. It's why we sleep so our brains can rest to function well the next day (am I a doctor now...who knows).


I don't know about you but I can't work if I'm not motivated. I need the energy and a boost to get me working. There are many different ways to stay motivated and keep yourself going but you also don't want to force it because then you won't be producing the best work.

  • Set yourself goals/targets to reach by the end of the day
  • Track your progress
  • Take regular breaks
  • Don't push yourself too hard
  • Stay positive

These are a few which I find really important to stay motivated. We all have our days where we just aren't feeling it, and that's ok! I think taking regular breaks is really important so you don't overdo it and make yourself ill. It's so easy to forget so set a timer on your phone or even schedule an email to yourself to take a break every 2/3 hours.


Inspiration also plays a big part to re-gaining some motivation. When you find yourself unmotivated, one of the ways to get out of that phase is to find inspiration. Either read inspiring books, listen to podcasts or music, look through other blogs, scroll through social media. There's plenty of options out there to help you become inspired.


Here are a few APPs which may help you clear your mind and have a fresh start to the day. Some of these I have used and couldn't recommend enough.

CALM (free)




APPs like these focus on controlling your breathing in stressful situations, use meditation to relax your body, and allow you to release all your emotions.

How do you get into the right headspace?