April 22, 2018

Tips On Travelling With A Tight Budget

When I went travelling last year I was eager to find ways to save a few pennies and blog posts helped me do so. So here I am giving you some guidance on travelling with a tight budget. It’s the worst situation when you find out you’ve overspent on a few things and start running out of money half way through your trip, but you won’t have any worries if you do it the right way and cut down on a few expenses like accommodation.

Plan in advance

Not only will you save money doing this but also time. Planning is a massive time saver. It also allows you to relieve some stress when you’re travelling as you don’t have to worry about booking last minute bus trips to your next destination. It makes your trip more comfortable; if you can’t get the overnight bus to your next destination then you’ll have no choice in accommodation for the night, just any that have rooms available – obviously this may not bother you. I’d suggest you stick to a plan especially on your first trip on a tight budget so you know what you’re doing and you can familiarise yourself with the accommodation, transport and activities around the area. Once you are more comfortable with travelling then you can just wing it. 


Grab those holiday sale flights

The most popular time to grab a bargain is during holidays (Christmas!!) – get on those websites and you’ll be seeing flights from London to Italy for less than £30! However, make sure you know all the details and how to get to and from the airports beforehand as the cheap flights are usually at inconvenient times and from the furthest airport from you. 


Avoid peak times

You want to enjoy your travels with some spare to breathe right?! Research into your chosen destination and find out which time of the year is best but less touristy. Also this could make your flights cheaper if it is out of season.


Choose hostels over hotels 

This is a no brainer really. Hotels will seem like the luxurious option but you’d be surprised with the amount of hostels I’ve been too which were incredibly luxurious with an appealing price tag. If you are travelling solo hostels would be the better option for you as it’s a great way to meet fellow travellers and possibly join a group for day trips.
See my hostel guide here.


Learn how to barter

You have to be quite careful with this as you can only barter in certain countries, and you can’t be too cheeky in the countries where it is acceptable. Do a little research about bartering and how to go around grabbing a great deal – trust me it will help you out massively. South East Asia is an area of many countries who encounter bartering on a daily basis so go for it, even if it’s a few pounds off.


Walk instead of using public transport 

Not only will it save you some money, you also see and discover so much more when walking. You can wander down the side streets, find quirky shops and picturesque buildings. Instead of taking the 10 minute bus across town, walk 30 minutes and see more, discover more about the culture and find those hidden gems.

How do you travel on a tight budget?

13 responses to “Tips On Travelling With A Tight Budget”

  1. Sara Venemore says:

    Really love this post as I'm going travelling and love reading how to keep costs down!

  2. You’ve given some great tips here, I never knew they did flight sales around Christmas so I’ll definitely look into that! I’ve never stayed in a hostel before but they seem to be really good and inexpensive so I wouldn’t say no to staying in one! Also when I’m on holiday I much prefer walking instead of using public transport as it allows you to explore the place you’re staying instead of seeing it all from a bus window!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    • Abigail says:

      Aw thank you! Yeah you can get some great bargains over Christmas or just after Christmas. And I can’t recommend hostels enough, you can read my guide on hostels here. Yes I do too, I’m not a big fan of public transport because of the little amount you actually see, with walking you get a real feel of the place you’re in!

      Abs x

  3. Tiffany says:

    Some brilliant tips here! I love going on holiday but it’s so expensive so things like this which show you can actually really cut down costs are so helpful. I especially like the tip about booking early, I always try to plan in advance to get the best deal possible. Great post xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  4. CarlyTamara says:

    Such a lovely post with great helpful tips. I always find bartering daunting but it really does pay off!
    The pictures are beautiful it makes me want to be on holiday right now!

    Carly xx // http://www.prettystyleofliving.wordpress.com

    • Abigail says:

      Thank you! Bartering can be hard, especially when it’s your first time doing it, but after a while you start to get the hang of it and pick up some tactics!

      Abs x

  5. The bartering tip is so good! I was a complete newbie to traveling abroad until 2016, and I got scammed so many times by market traders and street sellers! I think in England, the price is the price, but elsewhere, it’s one price for the English tourist and one for the guy behind you! Definitely a skill you have to hone!

  6. Randi Elston says:

    These are great!! I feel like planning (anything) makes everything a lot easier in the long run.

  7. mummywho says:

    I’m definitely going to be looking for my next holiday around Christmas time now! Thanks for the great tips Abs!

    Kate xx

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