April 17, 2018

5 Lifestyle Changes I NEED To Make This Year

Some things in my life, and maybe yours too, are not how I want them to be and they need to be changed and thrown in the bin never to come back again. I want some major lifestyle changes this year and to go back to my healthier and happier self.

Earlier starts to my day

An early start to your day will boost your energy. 
To be honest, I've never been a massive lie-in person. I hate staying in bed part 10am, unless I am ill or, on the odd occasion, hungover. i don't tend to struggle waking up early, it's the getting out of bed and ready for day which takes me until about 10 o'clock to complete.
For the past few weeks my body has been waking up around 7 each morning. So many people will think this is early, especially for an unemployed early twenty year-old woman, but it never seems so early to me. Plus, I don't usually make any movements until 8 anyway. So my aim is to get up as soon as I wake up instead of spending that time in bed with my eyes glued to my phone.


Having frequent time-outs for myself

You need to allow yourself to breathe once in a while.
This should apply to everyone I think. We all need regular time-outs in life; whether it's just 30 minutes everyday or one day a week where you relax or do something you really enjoy doing!


Manage my stress levels

Something which the above point will help deal with this easier.
It is crazy how the littlest of things can trigger so much stress and cause our bodies to act out. Things like going to an interview, meeting deadlines, stepping onto public transport, getting somewhere on time, or even just trying to find an outfit for the day and nothing looking good (as silly as that sounds, it can stress a lot of us out). I stress out massively if things don't go smoothly or if something doesn't pan out how I imagined it to. This seems incredibly selfish because I'm basically saying if it doesn't go my way I will stress out, but it's not like that. It's a part of my anxiety to why I stress out the way I do and how often I do. I hate the unknown to days out, but I'm slowly adapting back into the spontaneous side of things.
How do I manage my stress levels at the moment? It seems so simple, but I just stop what I'm doing and breathe. I either take a few minutes and then go back to what I'm doing or do something less stressful for a few hours and come back to it later. I find looking out the window and focusing on trees or birds flying can really calm me down or going outside and getting fresh air, that's always a good solution. My desk is almost facing a window so when I just need to take a break from what I'm doing I just look outside, grab some water and regain my composure.

A change of workspace 

A change of workspace can give you more inspiration.
So leading on from the previous point, I had an interior craze over the weekend to my room and changed it all around as well as cutting down half of my wardrobe. Ta dah - more options and space to move around.


Exercise and be healthier 

It's time to get back into shape and feel myself again. 
The reason I think it's good to write posts like this is because it's something you can come back to and see how much you've accomplished and how far you've come since this time. It's also a good reminder to yourself to take note on which subjects you should focus on at certain times. Obviously it's not for everyone but this will definitely help me when I look back at it once a week.

What changes would you like to make to your lifestyle?

One response to “5 Lifestyle Changes I NEED To Make This Year”

  1. andthenzen ✨ says:

    I really enjoyed this post, and so many of your changes would be similar to mine! I think the biggest change that I need to make in my lifestyle is making decisions for me, and with me at heart – I'm a person who constantly makes decisions based on other peoples opinions and that definitely needs to stop.. ������‍♀️

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