So that was a pretty crazy start to welcome the new season, right?! It's funny how this country reacts to a storm like storm Emma, some places it's understandable but others it's a little bit of an overreaction. Although it is amazing that yesterday it was -1 degree and we were wrapped up in our gloves and scarves, and today it's nearly 10 degrees and I'm wearing just a light jumper. Does that mean spring is around the corner? I am so ready for spring, warmer weather, less layering up and the pretty nature (especially all the bluebells!!)

I feel like February flew by compared to January; I still can't believe it's March right now. I did really well with sticking to/achieving my February goals, here's a mini round up:


Less time online

This sort of went to plan. The main gist of it was to use my laptop less and stop taking it to bed with me and I have stuck to that. It usually stays in my room, on my desk and is switched off by a certain time in the evening!


Reach 1000 followers

Now I know this was a bit of an ambitious goal but considering how Instagram works currently I am proud to nearly be at 900 followers. I'd say that's a job well done.


Look after my skin properly

I have definitely upped my skin care routine, but February was a bad month for my skin. I have some really bad spots keep appearing and took a good few weeks to finally calm my skin down. Luckily now it's in better condition and I have been using my Korean skin care products more which are INCREDIBLE!


Reorganise my room

All done and I couldn't be happier, for the time being. I have my new desk in which I am currently sitting at with my candle collection all lit up in the corner. Although it needs another layer of paint and waxing, I am so happy with how it's turned out, so happy that I couldn't wait for another layer to be applied. It will probably go back in the garage for its final touches during summer but it's just too cold to be out there right now. I'm now planning to change around a few things, get a new wardrobe and I want one of my walls to have a mix'n'match of different pictures and paintings, pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and ideas.

March Goals

Now March has arrived and spring slowly on it's way I can spice things up a bit and less time being a lazy gal.


More personal posts on my blog


I am always too afraid of posting my opinion because of the upset it may cause or arguments which may occur, but I need to stop being afraid and speak the truth because the truth is so incredibly important. So many of us hide our feelings these days and it's not fair that we are too scared to speak out. I want to post more personal topics so it will encourage others to do the same. I LOVE reading personal blog posts just because it tells you a lot about the person behind the blog, and can teach you something. I'd love to start off with why I quit university as I have been making excuses to not post it ever since the decision was look out in the next few weeks for this.


Start running again


Because last time was so successful, not, so I want to try again properly. The main problem that has been putting me off running has been my knee and how it dislocates a lot. However, it hasn't dislocated in just over a year so it's looking pretty good! I used to run in sixth form, well I lasted a few months and then during the following summer - does that count? I run occasionally when I take my Nan's dog out but never wealth approbate clothing for it. When the weather does eventually clear up I want to start running again and get back to it, slowly increasing the distance each time. Will I stick to this? Probably not but I'll have a go.


Declutter my wardrobe


I tend to do this every few months to get rid of the clothes I no longer wear. My wardrobe is an absolute mess right now and it upsets me every single time I open it up. One side is nice and neat and the other just has clothes everywhere, but at least they're organised into sections - because I'm a organisational freak. It also just feels good to have a fresh wardrobe for the next few months and perhaps buy a few new additions of clothes you're lacking.


Be more creative with my photography again


Although I still use Photoshop to edit my photographs nearly everyday, I never go too fancy with my editing anymore and I don't know why. During last month I shared some different travel photography on my instagram which I had edited with a multiple images effect, one which I've shared below, and I got some amazing feedback from them. Feedback like that really encourages me to get back into it and keep going because you never know where it may take you. At the moment I am just enjoying going out and taking photographs but perhaps when editing them I should dig a little deeper and see what I can create from them.

What are you goals for the new month?