March 6, 2018

3 Ways To Change Up Writing A Blog Post

Life will eventually get boring if you end up doing the same things, the same way, in the same place. I think it's time to mix it up a bit and give you ways to "spice up your life". Let's not allow ourselves to fall out of love of what we love doing.

Was that intro a little cheesy? Ah well it got your attention didn't it, and it is basically what this post is about - changing it up. Do you ever find yourself constantly doing the same things when writing/planning a blog post, sitting in the same spot, going through the same stages of writing out the post and then scheduling it. Aren't you ever worried you will eventually find yourself hating this process because there is nothing exciting about it or it's just always repeating itself? Well I am and I think it's a main factor to why I am often unmotivated or uninspired to sit down and write. So I'm here to tell you that you can easily change this. I'm sure you already have many ways of doing so, but here I am sharing a few of them anyway 🙂


Change the environment you write in

Sometimes I find writing in different places can motivate me to write. If I am ever having trouble to motivate myself, like I have been for the last month, I try to find a new place around the house where there is peace and quiet so I can really put my thinking cap on. Usually it would be the dining room but because I've got a new desk in my room I find this the best place to write, especially as the dining room can get so cold.
When I was back at university or on my year abroad I would always find a quiet cafe around and get ridiculous amounts of work done just because I was in a motivating area - other people around me also working - and I wouldn't have any distractions around, I would block everything out and crack on with my work.

Brainstorm instead of essay writing 
Depending on how you work and how you plan a blog post, most of us bloggers tend to essay write a post, edit and then hit the publish/schedule button. Have you ever thought of brainstorming your ideas of a blog post and going from there? Categorise the brainstorm into topics you want to include into the post and then make a note of the type of photographs you want and when you want to post it. This way may suit your personality more, especially if you're more creative than academic, and it's an easy way to just jot down an idea which comes to mind at any time. 


Record yourself on-the-go

I occasionally do this if I'm in the middle of something and my brain starts writing a blog post...we've all be there right? It usually happens when I am in bed about to sleep and my brain decides to switch to work mode and suddenly comes up with 1001 posts I've been struggling to think of in the day. A simple way to solve this: voice recorder on your phone. I name all these recordings "blog post ideas" so I don't end up deleting them. It's also a good way to record a blog post because it saves time, you may not be in the mood to write, and it also takes minimal effort which appeals to my lazy self.

I think these kind of posts are important for those of us who start to feel like they're falling out of love with writing. When we lack motivation, inspiration or just want a change in the way we work, we question why we are doing this. Just changing up a part of your routine regularly can help you fall back in love with writing/blogging and maintain that connection.

How do you go about writing a blog post?

8 responses to “3 Ways To Change Up Writing A Blog Post”

  1. Zara says:

    I love blogging in a cafe, I like the buzz of other people around me and sitting with a coffee while I work through my to-do list! I also write ideas down on the go, for some reason I always get blog post ideas if I'm on a train so I write them down in my notebook if I have it with me or just the notes section of my phone!

  2. Lisabeth Westwood says:

    I find recording my thoughts really helpful for my PhD work, but I've not tried it for my blog. It is great for when you are on the go and inspiration strikes – it often happens to me when I'm on a walk.

  3. What Corinne Did says:

    These are all great advice. I usually write when I feel inspired. If I get an idea but I can't write a post, I just write a note on my phone! Changing environment sure helps with inspiration! xx corinne

  4. Hels says:

    I totally agree about changing the environment! Sometimes it just gives you a different perspective. I make notes on my phone a lot of the time if I'm out and about, and I sometimes handwrite posts and type them up later which I love doing!Hels

  5. Melanie Fraser says:

    Great post! I think changing the environment is a great ide and one I’m going to try out- space at home is limited- well space for peace and quiet is so I’m going to try a cafe next time and see how I get on!Melanie |

  6. Ama says:

    I agree a change of scenery is alwas good as it gets tiresome being in the same spot all the time. You never know when inspiration will hot so its important to always have something around to keep note of potential ideas that come to mind.

    • Abigail says:

      Yeah definitely and it keeps your energy levels up too! I’d forget all my ideas if I didn’t have my notes on my phone haha.

      Abs x

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    Wow never thought about changing the scene where I’m working on the blog. Love that tip, especially when lacking a bit motivation! I think I might get out of the house next time to a coffee place. Great post, looking forward to reading future posts!

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