February 4, 2018

Self-Care Blog Posts You NEED To Be Reading

Lately I've been on a blog post marathon, reading so many different posts from some of my favourite bloggers, many of which I have been following for a few years now. And you know what I thought? Why not share some of these incredible reads in a blog post because they're what I think everyone needs to have a read of.

All of these posts have something in common; self-care. This is a topic I really need to focus on this year and reading blog posts such as the ones listed below give me a kick up the ass to do so. These kind of posts are my favourites because many are very relatable and give us readers the ideas and motivation to boost our confidence and stride through life at our own pace.

2018 is my year to not care about what people think and rule this world in my own way.

Yes I write self-care posts occasionally but, as mentioned below with Sophie's post, I am good at giving the advice to other people but not succeeding in taking the advice for myself. This is something I want to be working on this year because I want to write more posts which relate to my own experiences and are more personal in general.

These are my 7 favourite self-care posts which you need to be reading today. 


16 Lessons Friends Taught Us

Vix Meldrew


A post which everyone has been waiting for and what's better than it coming from the blogger guru herself, Vix Meldrew. I don't think I've read a post which I've loved as much as this. I've probably already read it about 10 times, and I'll read it another 10 times this week. It's written so accurately, very relatable and just a great reminder to how much Friends has had an impact on our lives, and what it has taught us growing up, well it has for me anyway.


5 Tips to Boost Confidence And Own Your Individual Style

Callie Thorpe 


Callie is my confidence booster and it's posts like this one she's written which always draws me back to her blog. I'm not one to wear exciting or wacky outfits and it's because of the lack of confidence I have which stops me from being my true self. I feel like I should print this post out, stick it around my room and use it as my everyday motivation.


9 Promises I've Made to Myself



So you know the phrase "everything happens for a reason", well I think clicking on this post and bringing it into my life was no coincidence. In a way it's like it was written for me or to me - 9 Promises Me And Abbie Have Made To Ourselves. Everything in the post makes so much sense to my life right now and what I need to do to improve my everyday lifestyle. Thanks Bee, it's like you read my mind!


In Defence Of; Never Taking Your Own Advice

Sophie Rosie


Another post which is 100% relatable to my personality.

As soon as I saw Sophie's Instagram photo mentioning a new post regarding the topic of giving your friends advice but never taking your own, I jumped straight over to her blog and gave it a good read, reading it twice because she just nailed it. It's 100% me. I enjoy giving advice and in certain situations I am good at offering it, but I've never thought to myself "you know what, I should be doing that" and take my own advice. It's an eye-opener to how real this post is to my life.


Choosing To Care About Some Things But Not About Others

Rhianna Olivia 


Now I adore Rhianna's style of writing, each and every post, and her whole blog really. There is always a little part of a post which I can associate my life to and this specific posts talks about many subjects which I need to care more about and other care less about, specifically the health side of things because my health, physical and mental, has been on a rollercoaster ride - I could associate it with the ride Stealth at Thorpe Park; at times it's at its peak and I feel like I'm on top of the world and then it all comes falling down back to square one.


How To Live Life More Fully Through Adventure

Where's Mollie?


From the title you're probably thinking this isn't based around self-care but I think you can base it around self-care if you have a different thought process when reading it. Mollie goes into detail on how adventure can spice up your life and bring happiness to you - adventure should be looked at through a way of improving your day-to-day life. It opens your eyes to another life which we may be missing out on; adventure. It's ironic I'm saying that and currently sitting at my desk writing this post. However, it is a goal of mine this year to get back out there and travel our beautiful planet, it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.


Learning To Accept When You Need A Day Off

Hannah Gale


I think it's common for people to push themselves to hard and not understand their limits so this post is definitely for those who think they need to take a step back but not know how to implement that.

I am forever feeling guilty when I take time out away from my blog and switch off for a while, even if that's just a few hours. I've especially been feeling this guilt for the past 6 or so months where I've really struggled to get back to my blogging routine, but Hannah reminded me that not everyday is your cup of tea and you need to take a step back, calm this lifestyle down and just relieve some of that pressure.

The main thing I adore about Hannah's posts is the way she writes, as if you're having a conversation with her through her blog; so chatty and down to earth.

Have you loved any of these posts as much as I have? Which self-care posts do you recommend I give a read?

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  1. justnatonya says:

    Abigail thanks for sharing these posts. I too find serious value in self-care posts because it’s essential we put ourselves first sometimes. Thanks for gathering all these lovely topics together!

    Natonya | http://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

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