I've only learnt from the best through developing my blog photography and I know mine isn't quite there yet but I'm at a place where I can share a few tips here and there to help some of you out because sharing caring right?

I've seen so many posts regarding props you can use to create perfect and eye-catching photos, believe me I've read the majority of them as a guidance for myself, but I thought I'd change it up and dedicate this one just for travel bloggers. Obviously this has been done before (or at least I think it probably has), i wanted to include a few props that you wouldn't necessarily think of straight away when putting photos together.



It may sound obvious but it's surprising how many travel flatlays you see out there and very little which include an atlas or map. I guess the technological way is a lot more popular nowadays.


Literally anything in technology related to photography - a camera, GoPro, memory card, lenses, tripod, binoculars - whatever works for you.



They're everywhere - so easy to get your hands on. They may even include posters and brochures inside.



In every photo there is a way of fitting in a diary in the corner or to even act as the background. I have quite a few at the moment, one which I got on my travels in Vietnam (pictured above with the atlas),


Want to turn your photos vintage? Go classic with old compasses, the same idea with a map. Add something old school to spice up your photos.



Another one which may be a little out of date but easily found in charity shops - travel guide books. Who doesn't love a lonely planet travel guide book?



Perhaps you've bought a few gifts along your journey...why not include them?



I've only just ordered prints in a polaroid style and they are such good props to incorporate into photos.

For those of you interested, I boguth my polaroids with the LALALAB APP - such good quality and includes different sizes (I got the smallest size).


Plane tickets, tour tickets, event tickets - any type of ticket from your travels.



I had to end it with an obvious one - all the different coloured stamps from various countries will look more appealing in a photo. Passports are pretty from the inside right? Maybe not from the outside though...


Have you found this useful? What props do you tend to use for travel photos?