January 5, 2018

December Round Up & January Goals

And that's a wrap 2017. Happy new year everyone and hellooooooo 2018! Wow it's already 2018? Is it me or does it still feel like it was 2012 yesterday? Crazy how time is flying by.

December was quite a good month as I got to catch up with all my friends who came back from university, spend a chilled Christmas with the family, embrace the wintry season and focus on my health more. I can't exactly say I stuck to my December goals as some of them didn't last long; the cooking one for example, I tend to cook for the family when I am really in the mood but I know this will change this year as I want to be more productive in the kitchen. In terms of sticking to a health and workout plan - I failed. 2018 is the year I make a change completely. Myself, mum and dad are all on the same diet now so this will definitely give me more motivation to keep to a diet and be more healthy in general. I did start a workout plan for a few weeks which was going well but then Christmas and food got in the way...so let's just start from scratch? I have been going on for months about committing myself fully to my blog, improving it and making a change, all which I have been doing and I was very proud of the content I brought out in December - despite not uploading as often, and missing a few deadlines for some posts. I'm in a really good place with my blog right now and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I didn't want to blog of Christmas and New Years just because I was taking time to relax and enjoy the time; I admire those who find the time to fit both in.

So what's in store for the first month of 2018?


Stop snacking, start healthy eating

It's started and I'm ready to commit. No junk, just the usual 3 meals a day along with a few healthy snacks in-between. It's easier this time round as mum and dad are also on a diet and my sister leaves at the end of the month for South Africa - easy peasy (sort of). I'm also going back onto my workout routine, working out at home at least 3 times a week. There is this amazing APP I have discovered called BetterMe which gives you numerous fitness packs from Flat Stomach to Young Face (yes there are exercises for your face!) and they are all for the duration of 28 days, but you don't have do this all in one 28 day period, you can spread it across 2 months or whatever you choose. It also has a food section which provides a daily meal plan including snacks. I don't tend to use this because I'm not being extra strict on my diet, and most of the meals are not to my taste. Hopefully this APP will do the trick!


Be more confident with what I wear

I'm that type of girl that will have put on a smart casual outfit and then change it to my day-to-day style at the last minute. I'd love to get my confidence back up to wear more dresses, nicer tops, and just have a better fashion sense. The only times I really dress up is for a birthday or a special occasion.


Save money sensibly

I haven't been the best at saving in the past as I tend to spend it as soon as I get it, but I've been building the funds up and up in my savings account to save for future travels, experiences and adventures. One thing I do which helps is collect 20p's and 50p's. The piggy bank is a closed one which means I can't open it to get the money out unless I smash it open; as soon as it's full I will find a hammer and smash it in to see how much I have saved. (I have actually already smashed it from my savings before but I'm on the hunt to find another because they are such a good idea!!)


Get a job!

2017 was a very difficult year for myself but I want to find the positivity and energy to get back to my normal self. Even though the past few months have knocked my confidence massively, I'm hoping that getting a job which I'm 100% happy in will be the start of climbing back to the top and being more confident everyday.




What are your goals for January or the new year?

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