January 28, 2018

6 Habits Every Blogger Should Adopt in 2018

I have been wanting to make a post like this for a while and since it's a new year what better time to start putting a few of these into place.
Us bloggers are guilty of missing a few things out, comparing our success to others and complaining about many factors in this industry. It is a tough industry to be a part of but there are a few ways around it and they are a lot more simple than you think. There have been so many posts lately about the blogging drama that has been happening and the best thing I choose to do is ignore all the hate because it will only cause myself to get angry and I feel I could end up falling out of love with blogging if I keep letting it mess with my head. I admire all of those bloggers speaking out about issues and the determination they have to fight against those who don't quite agree with the blogging industry and I back them 100%.

So from all of this, here are a few habits you could take on in this new year

 here's to all us bloggers!


Just go for it and don't be afraid of rejection 


Despite all of the recent drama that has happened in the community, no ones knows about blogging as much as yourself; it's part of your day-to-day life and you should keep doing what you love and take a few risks to get yourself out there. It will be frightening at first, it is for everyone, but it will boost your confidence when you get the first acceptance and will encourage you to keep going. Yes you'll have rejections along your path but it's all part of the process - every blogger goes through this experiences, you can only grow from it, continue to push yourself and never give up.

It's okay to take a break, don't force it


For the past few months I have continuously told myself this because I have lost motivation to sit down and write. The worst thing to do is force yourself, produce worse than your normal work and make yourself fall out of love with blogging. Take a step back and reevaluate your blog, brainstorm some new ideas and get writing when you are ready to again.
This can obviously vary for bloggers - if your blog is your full time job then it's a little less easy to just take a few weeks off or if you've agreed to a sponsored post then you have deadlines to meet, but if blogging is your little hobby on the side then don't feel pressured to get a blog post up every week. My only advice would be to stay engaged through your social medias during these time-outs to keep networking with fellow bloggers etc.


Up your photography game


I think a blog's photography is incredibly important and very competitive nowadays. It allows others to see a snippet of your creative side and allows the look of your blog to be more professional. Search online on platforms such as Pinterest or even Google to find posts on how bloggers have increased their photography or how they edit their photos.

Here are a few of my favourite posts which have helped me out along the way:
Maria J - How I take and edit my photos
Laurzrah - Five tips for a fabulous flatlay (a recent fave)
Makeup Savvy - How to become your own professional photography stylist

You're part of a community, become and stay involved with it


There are many aspects to blogging and engaging with the community is a crucial part of it. It takes your blog to bigger and better places and allows a bigger audience to discover it. At the start of my blogging journey I was completely oblivious to the online community I'm apart of now and I still have so much to find out but I immediately noticed such a difference with the traffic being driven to my blog and found so many blogs which I use for inspiration and adore reading through.


Be patient, it takes take to build up your blog/business 


Think of it as if you're a sales assistant; you slowly get promoted from all your hard work and become a bigger deal the more work you put in - it basically works the same with a blog. If you're committed to making your blog a business and as big as possible then you need to put the hours and energy into making it best, just don't expect it to all come at once because it won't. Everything takes time so you need a little patience and a lot of determination - you can do it!


Don't compare your blog to others


Every blog is different no matter what. We all have a different style of writing, a range of opinions, various creative personalities and we all have a different way of presenting our ideas; you don't want to be comparing yourself to others because it will only make you feel worse. No blog will compare to yours and that will always be a positive.
This is something I have been very guilty of doing in the past but I'm now realising that I want my blog to look different and have my own personal touch to it so people are more likely to remember it and come back.

I feel like this post is a lot more useful to the newbies to blogging or those who are wanting to make your blog bigger or into a business. However, I know that I will learn and put these habits into practice this year, especially the last two.

Are there any habits you want to adopt this year or think should be added to this list?

10 responses to “6 Habits Every Blogger Should Adopt in 2018”

  1. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    These are all great comments. I think going for what you want is very important; Put yourself out there, pitch your blog, try and see. That's how it all works! xx corinne

  2. Girl In Gamba says:

    Yes to all of this, especially patience and not comparing yourself! I think it can be easy to compare ourselves to other bloggers, but honestly, everyone is on their own path and at different stages of their progress. I say focus on creating the content you enjoy!GG | http://www.girlingamba.com

  3. Lindsey says:

    There are some great tips in here! I'm definitely going to be checking out the photography tips – my pictures are always rubbish! Haha! Thanks for a really useful post.

  4. Aditi says:

    Yes to all these! Just keep doing what you love, be a part of community and support them and don't be afraid to put yourself out there!www.aditispen.com

  5. Morgs says:

    All these tips are so good especially the one about not being afraid to take a break! Can't believe what similar posts we've done aha but both with different tips xxMorgan // http://www.justmorgs.com

  6. Hello Bexa says:

    This is such a brilliant post! I totally agree that we shouldn’t compare ourselves – we are all unique with different stories to tell. There is always room for everyone in the community. Fab post, thank you for sharing <3 xxBexa | http://www.hellobexa.com .

  7. Tea Time With Ciara says:

    These are some great tips! I wish I would have read this when I first started! I compared my blog to everyone and I wondered why I didn't have any followers. Now, I never compare my blog to anyone and I enjoy it much more so now that I ever have done!Ciara | http://www.teatimewithciara.com

  8. Zara says:

    Great post! It's so hard not to compare your blog to everyone else's but it's so important that there is room for everyone in the industry! I definitely agree with trying to stay active on social media even if you aren't putting out new content, I love just popping on twitter and seeing what my favourite bloggers are up to even if I don't have time to sit down and go through their posts it helps me feel like I'm still part of the community! xxwww.misszarabelle.com

  9. Kat says:

    I'm definitely going to take breaks from blogging. Some weeks I have heaps of ideas and then others I just fall in flat. I'm going to make sure I have time for me to recharge. I love taking part in Twitter chats and reading other blogs, so that is how I stay active in the community. Great post! Just what I needed ☺

  10. believeinbumble says:

    Thank you for the advice 🙂 I love being part of the blogging community but have to remind myself not to compare my blog to others. Comparison is the thief of joy and all that 🙂

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