Blogging can come across as quite a straight forward job; you write about something of your interest, take photos and then publish - if only if was that simple. So much goes into a single blog post but you don't necessarily see behind the scenes. You're constantly having to come up with fresh content, create and edit photographs, newsletters and emails, staying connected with the online world through various social medias; it really is a lot of work which people don't tend to realise. Through doing this all you gain numerous skills and develop these as your blog grows.

I can definitely say I have become more aware of issues behind blogging, improved my writing and vocabulary, 100% more organised and determined to make my blog the best it can be.



There are several factors to consider through blogging; writing a post, taking photographs, continuously promoting through social media, responding to emails, revamping your blog and connecting with other bloggers, this is all part of the blogging world - and even more if it becomes your full time job.

Every blogger will develop their creative side when making a blog. A blog is a creative space for you to give your opinion, write about your interests and share your views on certain products. It requires you to use your imagination now and then just because it is a competitive industry nowadays.

Your blog will continue to grow, as long as you stick with it, because there is so much to discover through blogging and various aspects which allow you to put your own mark on it.


An obvious one is your writing skills as blogging is all about writing. It's like if you were good at videoing you would be a vlogger. I'll be honest, I am not the best at putting sentences together and didn't have a very wide vocabulary when I started out but I'm still here and can say I've improved in the last two years immensely. Even just reading over blogs can help you expand your vocabulary and grammar skills, I know that has for me. I have always loved writing so it feels great to be developing it through my blog.



Along with any job, blogging requires a little bit of organisation here and there to stay on top of it all. Planning a post, responding to emails on time, making time for photo taking, meeting deadlines; I could go on and on but you get the gist. I would be at a dead-end or would have given up by now if I wasn't organised with my blog and everything that comes alongside it. There are some people that can just go with the flow and write a post on the same day it's being published, as well as take the photos and then promote. It doesn't sound like a lot of work but it really is, especially as there is this pressure bloggers have now of producing such high, quality content.

The one thing I haven't been very organised with is where the writing part happens. I have about 20 different notebooks scattered around my house full of notes to different posts and it confuses the hell out of me. So that's something I am trying to stop doing and just have one book only just for blogging, I'm sure it will make my life that little bit easier. Either that or I could just type it up but there's something about hand-writing which I just love.



And finally the part all us bloggers love to do is connect with one another, and doing this daily improves your networking skills. I was completely oblivious to the blogging community online until I was introduced to it and it's so nice seeing us all support one another. Twitter is the ultimate platform for socialising and bonding with fellow bloggers and has only been improving, unlike other platforms such as Instagram. I think every blogger at the moment has a love hate relationship with Instagram and has all the same arguments/opinions against it but let's hope 2018 is the year it goes back to the Instagram we all know and loved.

Obviously these aren't the only skills you develop as a blogger but they're the ones which come to mind when I think of the skills that I personally have gained/improved on. Also these are good skills to mention on your CV/Resume if you are applying to a job related to anything online or building a website etc.

What skills do you think you've developed since starting blogging?