December 12, 2017

My Christmas Essentials & House Decorations



Oh my favourite time of year is here and it's finally starting to look like Christmas in the house, as well as's snowed?! In fact, we have had hardly any snow but about 10 minutes away it was like snow had exploded everywhere - it was very weird and I swear we're one of the only towns who didn't have proper snow, you know where it actually stays for more than 10 minutes!!

Anyway I thought I'd put a little post together of a few of my favourite christmassy things and share with you a few bits we have done to our house at the end (a second part to this post perhaps). Even though decorating and getting everything ready for Christmas is possibly my worst nightmare because my stress levels go through the roof and just can't cope with it all very well, I still enjoy bringing out my creative side and experimenting with the thousands and thousands of Christmas decorations with have - I mean someone's gotta use it all, don't they?

So et's start off with a few of my Christmas goodies. If these aren't your Christmas essentials/favourites too then you're probably doing it wrong, or just doing it a lot better than me (share yours please). There are so many different things associated with Christmas that you need around this festive period but I've picked these specific ones because they're my absolute must-haves - some maybe a bit fun and silly, and others can make your place look extra festive.


Christmas Music and Films 


Let's begin with the obvious one...what even is Christmas without the music and films? My top Christmas films that I watch every year without fail are Elf, Polar Express and The Holiday. Of course I love the classic Home Alone but it's not one off my favourites; I've aways felt that it is quite overrated but then I guess Elf would be to most people. Christmas music is one of the things that really gets me in the festive mood. It's all so cheerful, christmassy and lifts your mood instantly, well mine anyway. A few favourites include Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens and the same by Slade, Last Christmas by Wham and my ultimate fave is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirtsy MacColl, love it!


Fairy Lights


I have fairy lights in my room all throughout the year but it becomes more acceptable to go over the top and put them everywhere over Christmas, and I mean everywhere. They just light up the room so subtly and look so beautiful. I recently got curtain fairy lights for the wall my bed is against and it compliments my room so well as well as makes it look bigger and better. I think we have gone a little overboard with the fairy lights around the house this year but it's Christmas, who cares?!

Candles and Holly - lots and lots of holly! 


Not just any candles though, wintery and Christmas scented candles! At the moments I have a massive candle in my room on the window sill called Luxury Winter Walks (which is from our local garden centre) and smells incredible, just what you need at the time of year. Along with the candles, this year I have added a bit of holly to my room decorations because what is Christmas without a bit of holly? I love the look of holly and the Christmas feeling it gives to a room. I managed to put a little statement piece together for my bulb vase (from Tiger, go get them now!!) which is filled with holly, mixed with fake berries and obviously fairy lights scattered around them to top the whole look off - I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Christmas Pyjamas & Festive Socks


Who doesn't own a set of Christmas pyjamas? At the moment that is me actually. I'm on the hunt and think I have found some so hopefully will have them by Christmas day. It is a little shocking that I haven't got pyjamas sorted yet but it's not too late! Festive socks are a must. I've always had drawers filled with festive socks and I've got the perfect pair, also my favourite pair which I cannot stop wearing at the moment. These gorgeous and cute reindeer socks which couldn't be more christmassy, and it's so annoying that I don't know where they're from (as they were a gift) so can't let you guys go out and find them! However, there are so many crazy cute socks out there for this time of year, I'm sure you're sorted.

This year we have been extra AF with our branch creations and making the most out of our gazillion fairy lights we own. We haven't completely finished as the outside lights haven't made it out of the boxes yet and we are still on the hunt for the perfect branch to add to the living room and create a masterpiece with it. That may sound odd but I'm telling you now, branches + baubles + fairy lights = FESTIVE AF MASTERPIECE.

One of my favourite areas in the whole house is our fireplace and how amazing we decorate it over this time of year. This year it includes one of our branch masterpieces (you'll soon figure out we have several of these) decorated with lots of colourful baubles and topped with copper fairy lights.

I think this is the last year we have this Christmas tree as it's just not as good as previous ones we've had and obviously the tree is the most important part of Christmas - if you get that wrong then you feel you've failed at Christmas. Even though the tree isn't jaw dropping, mum has always decorated it very elegantly and picture perfect (although I don't have a photo of it ha). I love the choice of baubles and decorations to the tree; we seem to have a different theme each year. What sort of themes do you tend to go for? We definitely favour the white and silver colours.

I have never really decorated my own room during Christmas but we have so many decorations being unused that I had to make the most of it and also I was feeling very creative this year. I focused mainly on my window sill so at least people could see it, and window sills are the ideal place for a bit of decor. I'm still very proud of myself for creating this masterpiece, as I like to call it. I also have a white Christmas tree on my bedside table (pictured above with the fairy lights) which I have filled with cone, diamond and bird baubles. I'm dreaming of a whiteeeee Christmasssssss....

Here's a few more bits and bobs around the house which mainly involve branches, fairy lights and a bit of colour!

Now we've just got our outside lights to do, but due to the weather last weekend we've had to delay them until this weekend coming - something to look forward to!

Do you go all out with your Christmas decorations? Which is your favourite part - Christmas tree, house lights, around the house decorating?

4 responses to “My Christmas Essentials & House Decorations”

  1. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    I haven't put any decorations up yet as I just moved into a new flat and I am not spending Christmas there! Your house looks so great! xx corinne

  2. Lizzie Gines says:

    You have some lovely Christmas decor! I love love love the wreath on your door and quite honestly, you can never have too many fairy lights – they look awesome! xLizzie |

  3. Rebecca Rose says:

    I loved this post! Your wreath and fireplace decorations are really sweet! Its nice to see you've put so much effort into your posts! All to often people just take pics from the internet, so this was lovely to see 🙂 xx

  4. Clementine Cousins says:

    Your decorations are gorgeous and your fireplace is amazing :)Clem x

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