November 5, 2017

Red is the New Black

It's winter time and finally getting cold! I'm not a massive fan of the coldness but I enjoy wrapping up in lots of layers and going on winter walks. You can never have too many winter clothes; oversized jumpers, thick socks, big soft scarfs, winter coats - it was time to do some shopping (wow, what a change for me - not!)

My wardrobe has always been a little dull looking. Apart from a few statement pieces which catch your eye, it's all the same. Blacks, greys, navies, whites, a few pinks and purples, nothing out of the ordinary really. I started buying a few new colourful outfits because I was feeling a little brave. I was in need of a new winter coat as I have had the same one for the past 5/6 years, wow that sounds long, and it was time to move on from my gorgeous Topshop coat. I wasn't looking to spend a lot (I say that as I was looking at £200 coats...) but I was happy to spend a decent amount on a coat which will last me a good amount of time.

10 websites and about 2 hours laters I was having a little luck on ASOS with about 5 coats in the running. All of them were these "dull" colours apart from two which were red and a mustardy yellow - or as they referred to it as "harvest gold", ooh fancy. The "harvest gold" coat was beautiful, but a little on the pricey side and a little long for what I was after. The fiery red coat, however, wasn't exactly what I was looking for but made me realise I should have a change of colour, and how much red suits me. And boy am I glad I went with that one. I LOVE IT! It is the warmest, cosiest, most comfortable coat I have ever tried on or owned.

It is a proper winter coat - a little warm for autumn time so that may call for another purchase in the future. It's hood is lined with removable faux-fur, has two large front pockets (just what I need), and fastens with a zip and buttons. This coat is guaranteed to keep me warm on the coldest of days. All for £48, with student discount of course, I am so pleased with the quality of the make and just how thick the material is. I always find it risky ordering from ASOS because it is all online and size can vary quite a lot. I ordered two sizes just incase but the smaller size fitted me perfectly and I could just send the other one back, it's free to return after all - that's the beauty of ASOS.

I've never been a massive fan of ASOS but after this buy I have added 26 items to my wish list - hello zero dollar. Obviously I won't be purchasing every single item, I wish, but I've found a few eye-popping pieces which may have to be ordered in the near future. This coat made me realise I suit these brighter and bolder colours, so it's goodbye black, hello red!  

You can find the red coat here.

If you're after a mustard coloured coat, this one is beautiful!

What is your favourite colour for the winter, have you got a new winter coat?

7 responses to “Red is the New Black”

  1. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    This coast is super nice! I love bright colors for winter and faux fur on the hood! Great choice! xx corinne

  2. Claire says:

    That coat looks so lovely on you! Red is definitely your colour (and £48 is amazing for something so nice) xClaire |

  3. sophieannetaylor says:

    It looks so good on you! That’s great it wasn’t too expensive too, I got myself a navy coat myself which although isn’t a typical trend of this year (it’s more functional) I absolutely love the fit of it <

  4. Rita says:

    I love coats with faux fur and that colour is great!

  5. Alice Rhodes says:

    This coat certainly makes a beautiful statement! Loved the post!

  6. Girl In Gamba says:

    I am really loving this red coat. I love asos but I'm definitely like you and have loads in my shopping cart! Great post!

  7. Indie Mae says:

    Love this coat, I'm going to have to branch out of my neutural wardrobe…. x

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