October 1, 2017

September Round Up & October Goals

It seems that the first half of September went incredibly fast and then as soon as I returned to university it has slowed down immensely. I guess this is good so I have time to settle down and complete work and meet all my deadlines. I already have a few assignments *cry*; they don't mess around in your final year!

September Round Up I have stuck to and successfully accomplished all my September goals. My main worry was becoming unorganised but I've bought a diary/planner to note down all my deadlines and have books and folders to keep each module separated. I'm adamant I won't become unorganised because it will increase my stress levels and we definitely don't want that.

I have only had introductory lectures so far so don't have masses of work yet, however I have been spreading everything out and making time for small breaks so I don't overdo it. I make sure I stop working around 9pm so I have time to get into bed and turn all my electronic devices off by 10/10:30pm. I need those full 7/8 hours sleep this year! I am so happy with my accommodation this year and I have made it all cosy and cute so I am happy to come home every night. I still want to buy more fairy lights (where can I find some? HELP ME!!) but I'm quite pleased with how it's looking right now.


October Goals


As much as I love blogging, and I really hate to say this, I will start to abandon my blog as the work load at university starts to build up (which it's already doing). I won't abandon it completely but I will be posting less often and fading away from the social media scene, maybe I'll take part in chat every now and then because I love them! After this year is finished I can dedicate all my free time back to my blog, hooray!



It sounds sad and boring to stick to a routine everyday but I think it's what I need for myself to survive university. Fitting in library hours in between lectures, having a day dedicated to dissertation, making time for meals and having early nights to get plenty of sleep; it's all a little easier with a schedule to fit it all in and make sure I don't miss anything out.



To keep active I want to go back to walking at least 10,000 steps a day, if I have the time, which I am able to keep track of on my Health APP. I did this in Shanghai and stuck to it for quite a while; it made me feel so good and keep my fitness up. I don't have a car at university and don't use public transport in the city so 10,000 should be quite easy to hit, and I've always been a keen walker.



This year will be hard and will challenge me to keep up and work as hard as possible. However, there comes a limit with how long/hard you should work for so I don't want to make myself ill and overwork. My body can only cope for so long so I need to learn to pace myself and give myself achievable deadlines.

Share your goals below!

14 responses to “September Round Up & October Goals”

  1. Hayley Martin says:

    Well done on achieving your September goals!Definitely put your studying over your blog, you can use it as an escape for when you need a break from university stuff. If you try and keep a schedule with it, it could feel like a chore when you are trying to balance university work.Have you tried Primark for fairy lights? Or maybe TK MAXX?Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • Abigail West says:

      Thank you lovely! I've given myself Saturdays off to give my head a break, so definitely will be using that time too catch up on anything blog related! I managed to balance university, blogging and a job last year and I question how I managed to do that because it would be impossible for me now. I have tried both actually as I live about 10 second walk away from them, but sadly no luck! I may have to steal some from home when I go back, haha! Abs x

  2. Ellie says:

    These are all so important! I've been trying to do the 10k a day recently and have been doing well but it can be little hard if your not feeling up to it! Good luck with it all I'm sure you'll be amazing Elliewww.headintheclouds.me.uk

    • Abigail West says:

      I totally agree as some days I choose to stay at home and work or just lounge around, but I have a park about 5 minutes walk from me so I'm motivated to get out for an hour a day if I don't have lectures! Thanks lovely!Abs x

  3. Jasmin N says:

    These are all super important and great goals 🙂 I've been trying to walk 10k every day but being on the maternity leave it's quite easy to stick to the sofa and open the Netflix haha.~ Jasmin N// littlethingswithjassy.com

    • Abigail West says:

      Ah I have no excuse but I'd still choose sofa and netflix over a walk haha, I just need a little bit of motivation! Abs x

  4. Seasonal-Rose says:

    Love the dedication to staying organised. Never been to uni but can only imagine the stress it can cause. Good luck with your goals and I hope you do really well in your classes. Xx

  5. Alicja Walendziak says:

    Good luck with you goals, I'm in third year as well and about juggle everything. It seems a bit overwhereleming but I'm sure we'll both manage. I took this post as a bit of advice for myself "don't overwork." Enjoyed the read :)populariswrong.wordpress.com

    • Abigail West says:

      Ah good luck to you too – we can do this! I think "don't overwork" is definitely the most important as it keeps your mind at ease and prevents you from making yourself ill. Abs x

  6. Morgs says:

    Lovely Read! I'm so motivated during fall, no idea why, hope you achieve all your goals this month xMorgan // http://www.justmorgs.com

    • Abigail West says:

      Me too! I always do so well with meeting deadlines, being active and then Spring I'm the complete opposite which is so weird! Abs x

  7. Essential Undergrad says:

    This is so relevant to my life too! I've been having to step back and remember that I'm in school right now to do school, and blogging has to come second. Good to see I'm not the only one!

  8. Alicia S says:

    I'm trying to walk more, and I've also put university before my blog at the moment…which breaks my heart but will hopefully pay off in the end.Alicia xAesthetic Obsessed

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