It seems that the first half of September went incredibly fast and then as soon as I returned to university it has slowed down immensely. I guess this is good so I have time to settle down and complete work and meet all my deadlines. I already have a few assignments *cry*; they don't mess around in your final year!

September Round Up I have stuck to and successfully accomplished all my September goals. My main worry was becoming unorganised but I've bought a diary/planner to note down all my deadlines and have books and folders to keep each module separated. I'm adamant I won't become unorganised because it will increase my stress levels and we definitely don't want that.

I have only had introductory lectures so far so don't have masses of work yet, however I have been spreading everything out and making time for small breaks so I don't overdo it. I make sure I stop working around 9pm so I have time to get into bed and turn all my electronic devices off by 10/10:30pm. I need those full 7/8 hours sleep this year! I am so happy with my accommodation this year and I have made it all cosy and cute so I am happy to come home every night. I still want to buy more fairy lights (where can I find some? HELP ME!!) but I'm quite pleased with how it's looking right now.


October Goals


As much as I love blogging, and I really hate to say this, I will start to abandon my blog as the work load at university starts to build up (which it's already doing). I won't abandon it completely but I will be posting less often and fading away from the social media scene, maybe I'll take part in chat every now and then because I love them! After this year is finished I can dedicate all my free time back to my blog, hooray!



It sounds sad and boring to stick to a routine everyday but I think it's what I need for myself to survive university. Fitting in library hours in between lectures, having a day dedicated to dissertation, making time for meals and having early nights to get plenty of sleep; it's all a little easier with a schedule to fit it all in and make sure I don't miss anything out.



To keep active I want to go back to walking at least 10,000 steps a day, if I have the time, which I am able to keep track of on my Health APP. I did this in Shanghai and stuck to it for quite a while; it made me feel so good and keep my fitness up. I don't have a car at university and don't use public transport in the city so 10,000 should be quite easy to hit, and I've always been a keen walker.



This year will be hard and will challenge me to keep up and work as hard as possible. However, there comes a limit with how long/hard you should work for so I don't want to make myself ill and overwork. My body can only cope for so long so I need to learn to pace myself and give myself achievable deadlines.

Share your goals below!