Autumn’s here! Although it hasn’t been a great start to the new season for me, I’m still feeling those autumn vibes. Green leaves turning to that striking orange/gold colour, the weather becoming cold enough to wrap yourself up in lots of layers, and cosy nights in with the heating on and a hot beverage kept by your side.

My university is in Preston, Lancashire and it doesn’t have a great record of having the best weather – actually it is known to be one of the wettest cities in England, how wonderful – but it fits in with the autumn season very well. As I walk through the campus all the trees and nature grab your eye’s focus and take away anything dull in the background. It’s truly beautiful. So imagine what the parks and woodland areas are looking like right now – even more magical. Even when it’s raining the colours still manage to pop out at you.

It’s that time of year when you can have all the cosy nights you want. Cosy nights are my pride and joy so when it starts to become cold in September/October I start to get very excited. It’s socially acceptable to stay in and just chill out. Whack on Netflix and cosy up in a polar bear onesie – you’ve got yourself a snuggly night in.

It’s that time of year where those big, fluffy and warm scarves are acceptable to wear. Obviously you can still where them any other time of the year, but autumn is when it’s cold enough to get them out from hiding through summer. I have lived in my Zara scarf for the past few autumn/winters because it is the warmest, softest thing ever. No lie. It’s not exactly the best of colours, especially if you’re an all black-clothed kinda gal and want something to add a little bit of colour to your outfit – this scarf is definitely not what you’ll be after. Regardless of the colour, comfort comes first for me and that’s exactly what is provides.

It’s that time of year where I can wear my favourite outfit out – dress, tights, boots, coat and scarf. It’s so easily put together and makes you look smart casual without putting in much effort. I also just loooove wearing dresses, but not without tights, and it’s way too hot and uncomfortable for tights in the summer, so yay for dresses in autumn!

It’s that time of year where oversized, warm, big and cosy jumpers are allowed out to play. And who doesn’t love layering up in your fave jumpers? I know I do.

It’s that time of year where you start to light the fire place! One of my favourite things about our house is our fireplace in the living room, it’s so nice to relax by the fireplace to keep warm and cosy. I adore the smell of a burning fire along with the colours it creates.

It’s that time of year where the BEST HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Halloween, Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that, which I don’t) Christmas, New Years…there’s a great few months ahead of us. I’ve always celebrated halloween, even if that means just having a house party, getting dressed up and drinking. This year I’m hoping to head on down to Bristol to see my best friend and go out in the city in the evening. I had a good idea for an outfit but guess who’s completely forgotten!! Guess it’s back to square one.
Christmas is also starting to make an appearance through shops, social media, online stores so as soon as we know it everyone will have their decorations up and presents under the tree. I do love Christmas but the build up is a little exhausting. There’s talk about the family going abroad this Christmas and just having a warm, chilled out holiday, which sounds perfect to me.

So who doesn’t like autumn? It’s not my favourite season, but then again I don’t think I have a favourite season. I’m not a massive fan of the cold but I do enjoy wrapping myself up in layers and layers of clothes. It’s sad to think I haven’t been home for autumn in the last 4 years because of university and being away; autumn in the country is magical!

What do you love about autumn?