I think we often take for granted what a stunning country we are living in; the cities, towns, villages and countryside we have are all unique and we tend to take advantage of it all instead of embracing all its beauty. Let’s get past the transportation issues (trains are a pain, it’s less stressful to just drive) and focus on the natural beauty, the quiet spots people are yet to discover, the thrill of exploring; let’s make the most of this wondrous place.

My list of places I want to visit in the UK has been growing monthly. Pinterest provides photos of places in the UK looking surreal and has given me a feeling of wanderlust.

When I properly think about it I have been to the majority of the big cities in the country as they’ve either been on my doorstep of university or close to where I’ve been before.



Being a very compelling city, Edinburgh is full of history, incredible views, quirky and hidden courtyards and plenty more. What does this city not have to offer? Apart from it’s high prices, there is nothing that turns me away from going to Edinburgh. I’d love to spend a long weekend next year around Christmas time as it just sounds like a perfect winter wonderland, I bet their Christmas markets are unbeatable.


Not sure if this one counts as I have been many times before but I feel like I haven’t properly seen it yet because I was so young before. I want to do a mini trip exploring the whole of Cornwall because it has so much to offer. It’s a massive hotspot for holidaying in the UK and you can see from the photos why. All the little fishing villages, the old towns and stunning beaches make Cornwall seem like it’s a different country all together.


Having a few friends living in Leeds I have been drowned in reasons to why Leeds is a city to put on my list. After doing a little research and having a peak at photos I’m starting to understand why they are adamant I trek up to visit. I’ve also heard it is a hotspot for good restaurants, bars and a mixture of old and new markets!

Peak District

It’s the perfect escape from city life. If it’s anything like the Lake District then I know I will love it. Just surrounding yourself with break-taking countryside views and nature is a perfect getaway.


Similar to Cornwall, I have actually been to Oxford but it was for a day trip with my mum and the weather was a little rubbish so I don’t feel I got to properly see Oxford at its best. It looks so charming and picturesque in the summer so I’d love to spend a weekend just exploring around the area and seeing why it’s a tourists hotspot. I think it truly feels like you’ve gone back in time, without the shops of course.

What places are on your list to visit in the UK?

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*Disclaimer: Some of the photos used are not owned by myself and were taken from Pinterest.