September 12, 2017

Things that keep me Inspired

Finding inspiration is a topic which has often popped up now and then on social media between bloggers, discussing how we stay inspired, where we find our inspiration and who inspires us. There were so many answers being thrown around that it gave me more ways to help myself out. I thought I'd share with you how I get inspired and where my inspiration comes from.

I like to think motivation is the key to finding that inspiration. If you aren't motivated then you won't want to write or be interactive with your blog in some way.


Reading blogs 

Being one of the most popular answers, reading blogs really helps me find inspiration. There's nothing better than seeing fellow bloggers doing well and producing great work, and after seeing them it makes me want to be just as successful and creative with my blog. Reading blogs not only helps me come up with ideas, but perhaps also new photo layouts or changing the layout to my posts, or even just the font.


Exploring the outside world

There's life outside the house and exploring it allows your mind be imaginative, creative and positive. There's so much inspiration outside, maybe it's just on your doorstep. Go out and explore this beautiful world, come up with different ideas. Maybe take a notepad with you just incase you pick up some ideas along the way. I tend to make notes on my phone if I ever get a sudden thought or two.



Pretty sure everyone finds Pinterest useful in some way or another. It just has everything you need to find inspiration for a post. If you're struggling with post ideas then explore through Pinterest, it works wonders. It sure has helped me with posts in the past, and I'm positive I'll be using it plenty in the future whenever I have bloggers block.


My own workspace 

Having a space which is just for me, full with my stuff, and where I can just spend time during the day getting on with stuff is a massive motivation boost for me. This has been my biggest motivator this past week and it is amazing how much I have done without having any distractions around me, (ahem, my parents). I have moved all my work stuff to the dining table, created a good set up and just had hours or writing, taking photos, working in some way and it feels so good to have finally found my work comfort zone. Ever since I have made this space my own I have been so self-motivated to get on with work. This week I am dedicating my time to university work so I am ahead of the game when I go back, hence why I have scheduled blog posts for the next week. Why don't you try this? Take a space in your home which is away from your room, as there may be various distractions, and make it your own. Maybe your dining room is a little bit impractical if you eat there everyday so it means you having to move all your stuff, luckily we only eat at the table on the weekends. Perhaps you want to go out and buy a cheap small table to be your desk and stick it somewhere out of everyone's way. Or maybe you just like to work in your bedroom. This has never worked for me at home though. The same goes to when I am at university, I work so much better in the library than at home which is why the library is basically my second home.

What inspires you to keep blogging/working?

5 responses to “Things that keep me Inspired”

  1. Indya S says:

    Other blogs are a huge inspiration for me too! There are so many amazing, innovative people out there who encourage me to keep trying to better myself and improve my own skills. I also really like Pinterest for unexpected inspiration, as it often shows you very random pins, you never know what you might find!Indya ||

    • Abigail West says:

      Yes I completely agree, it's so motivating to see people in the same field becoming successful. Oh I just love Pinterest! Abs x

  2. Naomi Proudman says:

    I still don't have a work space and I think that's such a good idea! Think I'm going to have to set myself up in the conservatory. Thanks for sharing!Naomi

  3. Aleeha and Lucy - HALE says:

    I totally agree – my workspace has a huge impact on my inspiration and motivation!
    Also, I thought I would just quickly mention that the instagram icon on the pink bar at the top of your blog is actually linked to bbc news!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Abigail says:

      Yes me too! Omg haha, thank you so much! It should be fixed now, I think I forgot to update it when I transferred over to WordPress.

      Abs x

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