I'm all moved in! Unpacked, reorganised (several times already), cleaned and very happy with everything. It's small but extra cosy and has everything I need - what's there to complain about? Okay maybe it's more money than I wanted to pay but it's not breaking the bank, just yet. I've been spending a lot of time here before university starts and the library becomes my second home; I'm making the most of lie-ins, binge watching Netflix and stuffing my face with good food.

There's still a few things I want to buy to add a little colour and more of a cosy vibe at night (meaning lots of fairy lights - the essentials of course). Apart from those small things then I'm happy with how it's looking.

The biggest let down was finding out I have a single bed; I can no longer starfish all night! I'm getting used to it - I kinda have to - but it's a little on the squeaky and uncomfortable side. I was looking through all my stuff to find this furry mattress booster TO THEN FIND OUT IT'S ALREADY ON MY BED! I've contacted my parents to find out where they bought all our foam mattresses as I'll probably get to the point where I'm in dire need of one.

For the time being Panda (all the way from Chengdu) is keeping me company.

My mum bought bunting for my 21st party and then I snuck them into my uni stuff to take back with me hehe. They're so cute and sort of mix 'n' match with my bed sheets.

I bought this desk locally through Gumtree which is brand new and the perfect size to fill the wall by the window. It's small but just what I wanted for a little extra storage space and to act as my dressing table (it was originally to work on but I find my dining table is bigger and more comfortable to work at.)

It has a drawer underneath which is full of stationery, make up, edition and lots of other random loose bits. There's a reason I'm not showing you inside; it's very messy and unorganised. On top of the desk I have my make up brushes in a pot from Ikea, a mirror from Tiger, some stationery, a little pot for hair grips and loose change, a memo pad from a local gift shop, and my laptop and phone.

My window sill is my favourite area in my flat because it's full of all my favourite things including my lightbox, Wash Day candle from Homesense, mug from New Look, diffuser from Wilkinsons, Bonsai Tree, and decorated with fairy lights from Tiger.

The Kitchen provides a very generous amount of storage space, more than one person needs. One thing I really miss having is a microwave but there are ways around that (I just ave to wait longer for food to be ready, damn!)

On the back of my door I have all my bags, my keys and a 'home sweet home' sign. I have also brought my trusty whiteboard organiser, from Wilkinsons, which will hopefully keep me extra organised and never late for anything. All my shoes are in my hallway and then I have a big bathroom, bigger than I need.

I am so happy with this little flat of mine, it's just what I wanted. I'm here all year so I'm sure I'll be buying things throughout the year to make it even more cosy.

Have you recently moved out for university?