September 7, 2017

August Round Up & September Goals

Can this year just take a break and slow down please? As soon as we know it it'll be Christmas. I am soon to be returning back to university for my final year *deep breathing* and it will be time to knuckle down and kick final year in the ass!

August Round Up

I haven't been the best student this summer as I've done very little studying but I guess that's what these next two weeks are for - to cram every bit of revision in before heading back. So maybe my August goals for preparing for my final year went down the drain. However, I have started to get things together and deciding what to take back and what to leave behind.

Talking about the rest of my August goals:

Save money? Yes, yes and yes. On my way to buying a yacht...perhaps not.
Exercise and diet? Still need to work on finding a comfortable and suitable exercise routine. BUT I'm sticking to my dairy free diet nicely, just need to get used to the whole eating healthy lifestyle.
Blogging? Hmmm, I'm working on it.
Thinking positively? I'm definitely getting better at it.
Have a fab 21st? Hell yeah! I spent it with my nearest and dearest and couldn't have asked for more.


September Goals 

How about goals for September? Maybe I should start properly focusing on my mental health so I don't let it screw me up at university, and actually sticking to a routine once I go back.



I think it's a must to take time out for a few hours in a week away from anything work related and do something different and to get yourself out of work mode. This could be a sport, seeing friends or finding a hobby. I've thought of painting and colouring to be very therapeutic activities that allow me to have some down time and properly relax without a Chinese character in sight (my degree is Chinese btw).



My sister's given me some advice for final year which involves making a weekly schedule to keep on top of things, this means I can dedicate one day a week for my dissertation only. Other days I'll dedicate to certain modules that I have and when I'll go to the library. Wow I sound nerdy. Is that a little sad? I like having a routine as one I've started it I know I'll stick to it, usually. I think you need one for final year because it can all merge together and get messy, and I don't like mess!



I love to make my own space as cosy and homely as possible so I can't wait to decorate my flat with some homeware goodies. I've been eyeing up a few things online already. Primark have a great homeware section, and it's the only part of the shop I buy things from, so I can't wait to take a trip and find some great bargains. Maybe living a minutes walk from it was a bad choice...



The worst thing ever is falling behind on work and having it piling up. This has happened to me before a few times, and I've always managed to get back on track, but because it is final year I can't afford to let it happen this year because of the amount of work I will have, including that horrible word...dissertation. I'm going to be extra organised, noting every piece of work down, having diaries to stay on top of deadlines, and categorising my work (which I always do anyway otherwise I get mega stressed out).

I didn't want to overdo it this month with a long list of goals, mainly because I'm starting back at university and need time to re-adjust myself back into work mode. It's good to take a few steps at a time and pace yourself. Things can get hectic very quickly especially if it's your final year. I'm positive I will achieve these goals and stick to them throughout the whole year to make it a good one.

What are your September goals?

16 responses to “August Round Up & September Goals”

  1. Hilarice says:

    Ahh these are some lovely goals! I really do hope you achieve all of them. xo Larice

  2. sophiaxo says:

    I love your pictures! I really liked your goals and I need to start doing this but I honestly just forget! thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading them!Sophia xo //

    • Abigail West says:

      Thanks lovely! I never thought I would be able to stick to them but it's actually quite motivating once you set them and keep looking back at the post to remind you of them. Abs x

  3. Eva IV says:

    I've just done a post like this on September goals! These are definitely good goals – I completely agree on the taking time out from uni thing, it's definitely important to have that breathing space! Good luck with the new year!

    • Abigail West says:

      Ooooh I'll have a look now! It's so important and if you don't give yourself that breathing space then you can just breakdown! Thank you, you too!Abs x

  4. sovotchka art says:

    Taking time for yourself sounds like a great goal, I should try that next month as well! Also enjoy creating a homely place, that is SO important. I painted the inside of my front door a while ago, and it makes me so happy everytime I see it, it's a really big change! I hope everything works out for you, good luck!

    • Abigail West says:

      I feel like it should be a forever goal because it's so important and I don't stick to it as much as I should! I move into my flat tomorrow and can't wait to decorate it and make it my own! Thank you lovely :)Abs x

  5. Kate Rose xo says:

    Staying organised is definitely a goal for me too! When things are planned it always goes much smoother! XKate//

    • Abigail West says:

      That's the goal which I'll definitely stick to as I am an organised freak haha! Things stress me out when they aren't organised. Abs x

  6. Jess H says:

    You've got some great goals there, Abbie and your photograph is amazing! That mug is super cute. Jess x

  7. Zara says:

    I'm going into fourth year too and I am definitely trying to keep organised and on top of things. I feel like I have a massive to-do list already and I haven't even started properly!! Hope it all goes well for you

    • Abigail West says:

      Yes it's so important especially for final year! I haven't even started and I'm already feeling like I'm behind haha! Abs x

  8. Katie Cadman says:

    Great goals 🙂 I especially like what you've said about keeping organised and having a routine. I wish I had made more effort to be less chaotic when I was at university. Shift work didn't allow for much of a routine, but I know I could have been more organised and probably done a bit better.

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