September 9, 2017

3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles I’m Loving Right Now

Instead of the usual straightened hair, which I always do, I started experimenting and doing little changes to my hair routine to see what works best for my hair and what I think looks good. There are only three styles which I am currently loving but I am eager to discover other ways which prevent more heat damage to my hair and keeps me away from my straighteners more often.


This is basically how I have my hair everyday because it requires minimum effort and can create a decent look. It also means my hair half out of my face and stops me from touching it 24/7 as it will mess up otherwise.

How I create this style:

  1. I start by drying the top layer of hair roughly, leaving the rest to dry naturally.
  2. I section out my side fringes and tie together to make sure it’s out of the way for me to do the rest of the work.
  3. Grab a third of the rest of the hair and tie it up in a ponytail, creating the half up half down look.
  4. Untie the fringe and let it fall each side. I straighten the fringe and occasionally the ponytail if it’s a little crazy. I leave the rest to dry naturally which allows it to become wavy.


If I am in a hurry or not in the mood to fuss about with my hair then this hairstyle is the perfect choice. It is very simple and easy to put together, one I’m pretty sure everyone does every now and then if they can’t be bothered or just don’t have the time.

I used to put it up and then pull out my fringe which did no good and can create many split ends, not what you want to end up with!

How I create this style:

  1. Using a similar start as the above style, I start by drying the top layer roughly.
  2. I section out my fringe that I want to be left down and tie it together to keep it out of the way.
  3. Scooping up the rest of my hair, I use my tangle teezer to get all the knots out and form a ponytail. I usually tighten it so it goes into a high ponytail.
  4. Untying the fringe, I use my straighteners to sort the fringe out. And voila!


You often need to give your hair a break with all these products, all the hustle and bustle and just let it free and do whatever it does in its natural state. Mine usually just goes very wavy which I often like but sometimes it goes a little too crazy so only keep it like this if I know I’ll be at home all day.

It’s a bit obvious how I style this, do nothing!

I rarely use products in my hair because I’m scared it will destroy it even more. However, if you have any recommendations which do your hair good then please let me know!

What are your favourite hairstyles right now?

12 responses to “3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. Girl In Gamba says:

    I've been doing the ponytail with the side fringe so much lately! It's so quick and it's cute! It also looks really good on you!

  2. Caitlin Houston says:

    These are such cute styles!

  3. Mollie Westhead says:

    Your photos are gorgeous! Love the half up half down look, that's my favourite ever! X

  4. Kirsty Hebdon says:

    I love the half up half down, my go to style! Your hair looks lovely! Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  5. Nicole Baxter says:

    I can never seem to get half and half down to look right on me!

  6. KateBallamy says:

    Your hair looks amazing, I need to give some of these ago 🙂 xx

  7. Jade says:

    I really like the half up, half down style. I haven't ever really tried that kinda style with my hair before so may give it a go x /

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