September 17, 2017

10 Happy Things

There's a few things that can lift my mood in minutes and I'm so grateful for them. I need that boost every now and then to realise what I have around me and how lucky I am.

I'm happy to be back at university, I'm ready to get back into work mode, I've returned to my normal blogging schedule and happy with the posts I'm writing. Sticking to this positivity state, I thought I'd mention a few things that have made me happy recently or that always make me happy.

1. Family and friends. Where would I be without them.


2. My mental health state. I'm doing so much better right now and hope it's just uphill from here.


3. The countryside. Escaping from online life for a few hours and embracing the countryside whilst out on a walk.


4. Charlie the dog. It's true when they say that dogs are a great stress reliever. I just adore this dog, I'll miss him at university.


5. Sunshine.


6. Everything Autumn. It's beginning to feel like Autumn with he weather, the colours, and I'm loving it.


7. Playing piano.


8. Cosy nights in. Snuggling up and spending a few hours watching your favourite films, sounds perfect.


9. Cocktails. Who doesn't love a good cocktail?


10. Cooking. I don't do it often (never actually, my family will be surprised I've mentioned this), but when I do cook it feels good, perhaps I should do it more often, I will definitely have to now I'm at university.

What things make you happy?

21 responses to “10 Happy Things”

  1. Indya S says:

    Well done for being in a great state of mind! I also am feeling the best I ever have, and you're right, it's only up from here! Here's to being ever better versions of ourselves in 2018 ✨Indya ||

    • Abigail West says:

      I wish I was still in that state of mind but sadly it's gone downhill since starting university, hopefully it will improve from here! Abs x

  2. Casey says:

    I'm glad that you are feeling good mentally lovely! Your blog is really beautiful, you should feel very proud of it. Love Casey x

  3. Kitty Banks says:

    Spending time with my dog always lifts my mood. Anything I'd usually do alone becomes ten times more bearable when he's just sat in the room with me, even if he's asleep!

  4. Kate Louise A says:

    Dogs & autumn make me happy too! Also curling up by some fairy lights and reading a good book. xxKate |

  5. Fashioned by Pluche says:

    DOGS! Don't get me started on dogs… they are just perfect creatures that we ever have had the honour to walk besides! I love these little lists, sharing happiness and positivity! Maybe I should do one for my blog (although it probably just ends up being a theoretical dissection of all things that are great about dogs. Their tail. Their paws. Their ears…. *sigh*). ;)Love,

    • Abigail West says:

      They are just the BEST! Me too and I'm hoping to make it a regular thing, it definitely makes you look at the positive side of things. Abs x

  6. Sinead Schouten says:

    Ahhhh, cheers to being in a good place right now! And definitely excited about autumn too! So many things to look forward to in the next couple months ☺️Sinéad |

  7. Pratibha says:

    Such honest and easy to follow list. May you find more reasons to stay happy always.

  8. Abby McCaffrey says:

    I love cooking and cosy nights in too.Abby |

  9. Stephanie D says:

    Loved this list, I also love cosy nights in and cocktails! Both on the same night would be even more perfect lol X

  10. Hello Bexa says:

    This post is perfect. Yes to all the cosy nights in <3 xxBexa |

  11. Ms Sparkle And Glow says:

    cozy nights is one of my fave things to

  12. Han Armstrong says:

    This is such a fab post, I'm so glad to hear that you're in a better mental state! I think its important to sometimes take a step back and realise how lucky you are, and what you have around you! xHan |

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