It's days like this which is why I adore living in the country. The weather was so nice so I took a drive down to Lacock in the late afternoon for a long stroll and to grab the chance at capturing the charming village of Lacock, one which I should do more often. It was the ideal time to go as all the tourists had disappeared by the evening and I was able to take photographs without the tourists and locals appearing in the backgrounds.

You may have heard or recognise Lacock as it is the home of many film sets, most famously for shooting Harry Potter here. Many of the houses and streets were used to film scenes and also the well-known Lacock Abbey. It is a very majestic and mysterious village, one I'd recommend to visit if you are ever in the area.

Having remembering my camera I walked all through the village and into the fields behind the Abbey to get a few shots of it.

The little village is such a cute community and has so much trust towards tourists and other locals. You will find yourself going from house to house finding handmade gifts on sale, where you literally just post the money through their letterbox, selling lots of food treats (the house below had  a pretty stall full of sweets and goodies, it was so lovely and I managed to resist buying anything!) and growing lots of plants (oh gosh the amount of beautifully coloured plants in this village lights it all up in summer).

In the heart of the village lies the Lacock Church. The elegance and age of the church fits in perfectly with the rest of the buildings.

As I headed towards the fields, the pathway to get there was covered in blackberries (stupidly I forgot to pick any, also I didn't have a bag with me to put them in so would have struggled) and I went past the prettiest garden growing all its own fruit and veg.

I eventually got to the field full with sheep which I felt bad for stepping on their territory but I had to get to the other field somehow, didn't I! They were very photogenic so stopped off for a little photoshoot with them.

As soon as I reached the Abbey it started to drizzle so I took that signal as time to go. I had been wandering around for a few hours by this time so I was happy that the weather had stayed so warm and sunny until that point. It stopped as soon as I got back to the village, typical.

I'm so grateful to have villages like Lacock on my doorstep, it's a spectacular place to spend the afternoon walking around.

Have you ever been to Lacock, or even heard of it?