August 6, 2017

Recovering After a Long Weekend || Advice and Tips

It's been a busy weekend, either action-packed with days out to the seaside or working your weekend job, or maybe you've been away for the weekend for a party...It's time to get back to your routine and there are certain things to help you do this.


This is the most important (and a little obvious) because it then allows you to readjust yourself back into work mode and waking up early the next morning feeling fresh and alive ready for the day ahead. Make sure you turn off all electronic devices off at least an hour before you go to sleep as this will help your brain switch off quicker and relax in bed easier. We will all benefit from a long night's sleep after a busy weekend both mentally and physically, it's best to get your eight hours of rest every night.



Sometimes you will find yourself just snacking all day if you are having a day of fun and not properly sitting down to have a proper meal. It's important to get back to your three meals a day so you don't lose your appetite and start bringing in an unhealthy lifestyle. It's fine to alter your diet/routine for a weekend but make sure you don't wonder off that track and make it a permanent change. Looking after yourself is crucial.



The last thing you want to do is get in the car and drive for a few hours, unless it is absolutely necessary. You need a rest after a manic weekend. If you do find yourself needing to drive a few hours, make sure you take regular breaks to reduce your chances of having an accident on the roads. Some people don't realise how dangerous it is driving when you're overtired.


Drink your six to eight glasses the next day and stick to it, get back on top of things. This will make you feel back to normal if you've been using a lot of energy.



Girls maybe you have been wearing lots of make up all weekend, or guys you have been running about all weekend and need a break. Take a few hours the next day to just relax; whether that is have a pamper session and using your best skin products to purify those pores, or having a well-needed nap and crashing out on the sofa with your favourite show playing on the TV.
I love the days where I actually find a few hours to have a bath, fix my skin condition with some of my favourite products and a few favourite films of mine. These days are my favourite and definitely pay off afterwards by increasing my productivity levels.


Read a book, watch a film, play an instrument, bake a cake...whatever sort of hobbies you have which don't allow much effort or take up a lot of energy then do it. Maybe even plan your week ahead and what you will wear for each day, fill in your calendar if you aren't up to date with plans you've recently made.



Take time in the evening to cook up a healthy and tasty looking dish for the family. It's a great feeling you get after you've eaten a healthy plate of food.

How do you recover after a jam-packed weekend?

13 responses to “Recovering After a Long Weekend || Advice and Tips”

  1. Izzie Farebrother says:

    This is just what I needed after a long weekend! x

  2. Emily says:

    Sleeping a lot is my absolute favorite thing to do after a hectic weekend! I also tend to have a few nights of salad from a bag rather than meals that require standing up and chopping a lot of veggies. I never really thought about avoiding long-haul drives but that makes sense!

  3. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    Eating healthy meals and drinking lots of water are definitely the most important (along with sleeping enough)! We forget to drink enough so easily that when you actually remember to drink enough you feel so much better :)

  4. Hannah Louise says:

    I really liked this post! Such a nice little reminder of ways to look after yourself! Thanks for sharing! xo Hanney |

  5. Simply Nerdy Mom says:

    These are all really fantastic points. My favorite thing to do, to wind down after a long week or weekend is a bubble bath and some wine.

  6. Zara says:

    I always try and have a healthy dinner and a pamper after a busy weekend and that's what I'll be doing tonight because my Monday has been busy too haha!

  7. Britt K says:

    You've got some great suggestions! I think a lot of people miss the importance of hydration to help recover properly! Britt |

  8. Nikki Allen says:

    Beautiful photos! Love these suggestions! Definitely need to have a pamper night myself as I tend to work weekends and it does start to creep up on you.Nikki

  9. Llinos Thomas says:

    This is some fab advice, plus a really great post idea! I am all about hydration.

  10. Chloe Boston says:

    Feels like all weekends are far too short and I'm always recovering throughout the week from a busy one! I went away to the Peak District last weekend and had the best night sleep in forever so have finally got back into a good sleep pattern and can actually get to bed earlier (and wake up haha!)Chloe

  11. Emma McCaw says:

    These are really useful tips that I should be following every day, never mind after a big weekend! Great post!

  12. La Coco Noire says:

    oh how i do wish i found this post on monday! i had a very long weekend and rocked up to work on monday in desperate need of a holiday and some more time off! killer. i am ALL about my monday morning brekkie too, it's like my favourite meal of the week because i always treat myself to something super nice to make up for it being monday, ha!i also find that a great big glass of wine on monday night eases me back into the week ahead. #noregrets katie xx

  13. Onyinyechi Nwanna Iwuoha says:

    I really agree with this. After a very long weekend, I try to sneak in a quiet time at work. It

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