August 2, 2017

July Round Up & August Goals

Can someone explain to me how it's August already? You know what that means birthday's coming up! July has been a hectic month to say the least, but it definitely went past like a rocket. Over July I returned back to the UK, went back to work, then quit work, started to properly focus on my health, caught up with all my friends and family and had zero time to change there then.
I'm so looking forward to August just because I have lots of exciting things to look forward to as well as taking some time to properly relax and enjoy some quality home time before the hustle and bustle starts again from my return to university life.

July Round Up

To be really honest, I didn't have a great end to my year abroad for many reasons. And I will go on to explain that in another post in the near future. However, the last three weeks when my sister was over to visit really helped me get out of my dorms and see more of Shanghai. I definitely could have changed the way I ended it but sadly it is all due to health reasons.

Ever since being back home I have improved my diet so much. I am completely (well getting there) dairy free and already noticing a massive difference in my health. Obviously it won't turn around just like that, I will have to give it a few weeks, but it's going in the right direction. Keeping track of what I eat everyday and sticking to dairy free recipe books I find is very helpful and doing the trick.

So my third July goal was sticking to a blogging schedule...ummm yeah that didn't quite go to plan. It's quite all over the place at the moment. I actually didn't realise how little time I would have at home to just get a few hours of writing, taking photos or just connecting with the community. I have been working the past three weeks which have been long days so that may have taken affect, but hopefully August will allow me to get back on track with my schedule as I have quit my job now and have a free month. I have soooo many ideas running through my brain that I'm in a little bit of a muddle but once I've re-done my blog schedule, that I keep on a spreadsheet, I'm sure you'll see more posts from me soon enough.

I'm going to be completely honest here, I have not studied one bit since being back (I actually just keep having Chinese conversations in my head to keep it going). This is so bad I know but relating back to my blogging, I have just found no time to do this. However, now it's August I will hopefully get back to it as I have so much to do (it's quite painful to think about really).

And that's it really. It has been a very busy month and has flown by. I didn't do as well as I would have liked to with my July goals so I'm promising myself to up my game and smash my August goals. One thing I'm happy with is the way I finished my job, on a high! It's been a crazy, fast three years at the college but I felt it was a good time to quit and go on to bigger and better things after I graduate.


August Goals

Having time to be a little bit more creative and active this month as I have finished work, I am starting to gather things together for my final year as I want my flat looking mega cosy (I want a really cosy bed space), putting more work and dedication into my blog, organising my 21st, and just being more productive as well as taking time out for myself to keep my head up and in a good place.


P R E P A R E  F O R  F I N A L  Y E A R

So I'm going into my final year of university come September...yes you heard that right, my final year!! It's come round so fast; it only seems like yesterday I was taking the long drive up North for my first year of uni. I'm starting to put all my things together, buy a few extra bits and fitting in some time dedicated to studying.

As I have my own flat next year (which I am so excited for) I am wanting to make it as homely as possible, and by homely I mean lots of cute little decorations, photos everywhere and a cosy vibe to the flat. I am thinking of making a trip to two to Primark to make a few purchases from the homeware section as there's so many nice things for such reasonable prices! Creating a productive work space is crucial so it will give me motivation to work at home instead of staying in the library for a ridiculous amount of time everyday.


S A V E  M O N E Y

It's something which I am getting more terrible at which I didn't think was possible. Considering my rent is a little higher this year, and my student loan doesn't even cover my accommodation, I need a little money on the side to fall back on in case there is ever an emergency. Therefore I need to start seriously saving. I have a little pot on my window sill which I collect 20ps and 50ps which is such a good way to gather a good amount of money up after a long period of time. One thing I have not missed paying for since being home is petrol, ugh what a pain that is! Fingers crossed I'll be a rich girl by the end of August!!

E X E R C I S E  A N D  S T I C K  T O  D I E T

Sticking to this theme from my July goals, I am wanting to up my exercise scheme (as it's currently non-existent) and carry on with my dairy free diet. It is so hard to suddenly change your diet completely after eating dairy your whole life. However, I'm doing well after just three weeks so I'm positive my body state will be back to normal in a few weeks time.
I have recently quit my job but my boss said I'm always welcome to use the swimming pool and I have access to the college gym as well so it's a double bonus!


B L O G  B L O G  A N D  M O R E  B L O G G I N G

Again running over from July, I am really trying to dedicate a few hours a day to get some writing done, finalise a few posts a day and take many many photos. It is a struggle to fit all these things in and get them all to a high, reasonable standard. I enjoy taking photos so much more now because I have so much to play and experiment with. I'm sure you have already seen a little improvement on my photos since the beginning of July (at least I hope you have, haha). I have lots of exciting posts to write but my organisational side to me is all over the place right now...once that's sorted itself out I will be able to focus a little better. Keep an eye on my blog over the next week or so 🙂


T H I N K  M O R E  P O S I T I V E L Y

My mindset has changed immensely over the last month and I am thinking a lot more positively in general. I am trying to go everyday with a positive thought and although every morning I struggle with that, I always come out better on the other side. There are a lot of people out there who will try and put your mood down in many ways but there's no need to have that in your life. If you feel someone is having a big affect on your mood then try and distance yourself from them for some time, but that doesn't mean completely.

E N D  T H E  M O N T H  W I T H  A N  A M A Z I N G  2 1 S T

Come the end of August is the big 21, and I'm so excited, especially as plans are being made and birthday shopping has already started! The plan is to have a party at mine with all my friends and family, and also a day to go to the races at Bath with all my friends, which is a perfect day out (i'm not planning on betting on horses as my luck is not so great). I'm sure you'll hear all about it across my social media.


Share your monthly goals posts in the comments below 🙂 

5 responses to “July Round Up & August Goals”

  1. Claire says:

    I'm glad you have found coming home has really helped your health and that you are planning some nice a positive things to do this month for your birthday (happy birthday for then by the way!) You have a nice mixture of goals and I am sure you will smash all of them xClaire |

  2. Food and Baker says:

    Hope you get back into your blogging schedule. It's hard work but don't beat yourself up about it if you can't do it! You've got some great goals wish I hope all the best for you to achieve and Yay to your big 21st this month!Jessica & James | /

  3. Tyra Skinner says:

    Goodness the time just flew by! Nice to hear you were studying in Shanghai! That's where I studied abroad and is where I decided to pick Chinese as my major. I know that place is a complete culture shock! I hope for August you can stick to your blogging schedule, but don't stress about it. Remember it's YOUR blog, do whatever you want :D. I also just written my blog report for juju. Feel free to check it out here: Nevertheless, good luck girl! Look forward to reading some of your other posts! Follow me on twitter so I can keep up 🙂

  4. Melina says:

    I hope you have an amazing birthday! I can't believe July has just flown by! I'm upping my fitness workouts, so I can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Overall, have an amazing month love xxxMelina |

  5. sovotchka art says:

    That's a lot of goals!!! Good luck with reaching all of them, but mostly I hope you will really have a great birthday :). Also good on you for going dairy-free; I'm still on the journey. If you want to share your favourite dairy-free recipes or cookbook, I'm definitely here for that! Anne |

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