August 4, 2017

7 ‘Out of the Ordinary’ Things I Want to Experience || Bucket List

Ok they may not be very 'out of the ordinary', but it's not your typical "climb a mountain"...they are quite specific and different. Some of these I've wanted to do for a while and some are only recently new to the list. I would love to say I've ticked all these experiences off by the time I'm 30, a little optimistic but let's see how well I get on!

Go to an outdoor cinema

I would love to spend an evening watching a film outdoors all wrapped up in blankets with friends. On a summer's evening of course and when the sky is so clear that you can see the stars. I love the idea of watching a classic film outdoors like Dirty Dancing, bringing back the good old ones.


See Fluorescent Plankton

This is the most beautiful, magical and wondrous sights I would like to witness in my life. I've heard it will make you speechless and not left disappointed. It's lime green and light blue crystal colours look so pretty and lights up the sea and beach at night. How romantic does this sound?


Skydiving in New Zealand

Being near the top of my bucket list for a few years now, I would love to go skydiving in New Zealand. I specifically say New Zealand as I've heard the views are admirable and like nothing else you'll see elsewhere. The unspoiled and fascinating surroundings are some of the most beautiful in the world.


Volunteer at an Elephant Rescue Sanctuary

After being exposed to an elephant rescue sanctuary in Laos and hearing the stories behind some of the elephant tourism in other countries, I would love to take a few months out to volunteer at a rescue sanctuary and help the elephants. They are beautiful animals and shouldn't be suffering the way some of them are around the world.


Go to Karen's Cafe in One Tree Hill (Wilmington)

Possibly my all time favourite series (apart from the obvious, Friends), One Tree Hill was a part of my life for 9 years and I will always go back to watch the series over and over again, it's that good. Sadly some of the set has been demolished, for example the riverside court was only built for the show and had to be demolished as soon as the series finished. The town Wilmington in North Carolina is still a reminder of OTH, with special features around the town, one of which is Karen's Cafe. It would be so cool to relive the series and be a part of it.


Get tickets to the Ellen Show

I've been a fan of Ellen for AGESSSS now and my best friend and I have been saying we must go to one of her shows at some point. I think it will be a while until it happens but I can keep dreaming.


Scuba Dive in Austria's Green Lake

I saw a video of this on Facebook a while back and it looks amazing. It's a nature park which is submerged in clear water from the snow melting from the nearby mountains, and people scuba dive in it when this happens!


What crazy cool thing do you want to experience in life?

6 responses to “7 ‘Out of the Ordinary’ Things I Want to Experience || Bucket List”

  1. Lauren - Explore a Corner says:

    This is an awesome list. I haven't heard of a couple of the things but they sound incredible. I also want to volunteer however I'd love to volunteer with sea turtles. I've done the skydiving New Zealand one. It is phenomenal. I did it with Skydive Taupo and the views were incredible. I wrote a blog post on it if you want to know more.

  2. Sima says:

    Wow! I can't believe that we have so much in common. I also want to visit Karen's Cafe and go to Ellen Show. And I wouldn't say no to outdoor cinema, it always sounded to me really exciting.I love this post. I hope you'll do every single of them <3Lots of loveSima

  3. Amy Bishop says:

    Sounds like an amazing list – sky diving is definitely something I would love to do!Amy

  4. Nicole Marie says:

    Such a diverse list! Outdoor cinemas are super fun — especially when watching classics! Let's hope you can cross some off this year. Best of luck and keep us updated :)Nicole |

  5. Kayly says:

    I love this! Even though I'm a big fan of One Tree Hill and the Ellen Show, I hadn't thought about those two before. I'm definitely going to be adding those to my bucket list :)Kayly |

  6. otto says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I love that these are all approachable bucket list items that only require a bit of money and making time to do it! I had no idea about Karen’s Cafe, that’s so cool~
    I wasn’t a die-hard for OTH but I remember tuning in a lot just for Chad Michael Murray ♥

    One of my big bucket list goals is to visit as many Onsen (hot spring) towns in Japan as I can. I’ve been to a few, but I want to experience them in every major prefecture!

    Outside of travel, I’ve always wanted to own my own goats and sheep.

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