July 27, 2017

How I Look After my Skin

It's not often where I dedicate a time in the day just to relax and pamper myself but I realise how important this is and why you should always look after yourself, your skin, your body and keep it healthy. Everyone is different and you will find your body changing all the time so you should experiment with different products to see which feel best suited for you.

I must admit I'm terrible with sticking to a skin care routine as I will always forget to do it in the evenings, by the time I remember I'm already in bed half asleep. Since being home I've managed to find the time to properly use some of the products I've bought recently and see if they work well for me. Choosing a bath over shower sometimes is better because then you don't feel too rushed to get in and out, and you have time to do everything.
I thought I'd share with you these recent products I've been craving over, and also what things help me enjoy this time.

Face Masks

There is nothing I hate about the face masks I use. I have been testing a variety and finally found which ones feel best on my skin and are a success. I don't like using face mask sheets because I don't like the feel of them and they never fit my face. Face masks, however, are easy to apply, can smell great, and work just as well, if not, better.
I occasionally buy them in bulk because I like to have plenty of options and so they don't run out for a while.
How often I use face masks can vary; I can go from using them every other day for a few weeks to using them once or twice in a month. I find I get the best result by wearing them just after a shower/bath so you are getting the final bits of dirt cleared off and so you're feeling mega fresh before bed.


Nose Packs

Having already mentioned these in my latest beauty haul, you may know how amazing these nose packs are and the magic they do. They essentially remove all the dirt and much that has built up on your face over a period of time. (You should be washing your face everyday to prevent this build up, but I am one for always forgetting to do that, I've got better now though.) It says they are nose packs but can also be used on your forehead and chin, it even gives you little diagrams on the packs for you to use as a guide. I have used the packs on these areas before and I can say they also work but I didn't find the results were as good as they were on my nose.
They may not look great, and they do have a certain smell to them which put my sister off them right away, but they do the work they say should happen and it's only for 15-20 minutes whenever you decide to use them. My sister suggested to use them every other day otherwise you won't give your skin a chance to create that build up and you'll be wasting the packs.


Bath Salts

I am so happy I bought these bath salts from Bali, I've been so excited to used them ever since. I didn't have a bath in China so had to patiently wait until I returned home to use them.
I bought three packs, one which went to my sister so I had two for myself. The two packs I kept for myself were red/white which was strawberry flavoured and orange/white which is lavender flavoured.

The other day I used the strawberry salts which turned the bath into an amazing colour. I used up the whole pack as the colour wouldn't have been intense otherwise and I wasn't entirely sure how much I wanted until I had used it all, whoops.
Once in the bath, I felt the salts against my skin which felt so refreshing and detoxifying. I felt so relaxed, calm, and my skin felt very soft and smooth afterwards. I can't wait to use my lavender pack as I am obsessed with the smell of lavender.


Dove Body Wash

This is one of my recent favourite body washes which I have had laying round for a good while now, so thought it was about time I start using it regularly. I have already noticed a difference in the feeling of my skin, as have other people. Instantly I not my skin looking and feeling a lot more healthy and fresh. Dove definitely doesn't fail to impress so I'll be topping up on these body washes regularly.


Herbal Essences Daily Detox Shine White Tea & Mint Hair Products

I realise this isn't skincare but I had to include these and also I felt like it did fit in with the rest of the post. My mum recently bought these two for me and I can't tell you how much I adore the smell and what the condition it leaves my hair in. At the moment I am trying to improve the condition of my hair and these products are definitely contributing to that.



I love relaxing in a bath with some music playing in the background, whether that's the latest hits or even some gentle classical music (which I loooove listening to when trying to relax).


Having a nice scent around adds to the relaxing atmosphere and also just makes it that little bit easier to settle down. I love having diffusers and we have them all around our house to keep the smell fresh and appealing. I've recently added one to my room which definitely helps me get to sleep quicker and just keeps my room smelling lovely.

What are you favourite products which help keep your skin healthy? 

6 responses to “How I Look After my Skin”

  1. Eleanor Pritchard says:

    This has made me want to have a pamper evening so much! Especially a bath as I haven't had one in so long, face masks are one of my faves way to pamper though and they make my skin feel so great (especially lush's Mask of Magnamity, so fab!)Eleanorclaudie.com

  2. A Love Affair with Beauty says:

    I love a good pamper session! I'm also obsessed with nose strips, gross but satisfying haha. I've never tried bath salts before and those looks really nice so I think I'll have to add some to my pamper routine xx

  3. Isabel says:

    Those nose packs would really be great for me I think, I have trouble in my t-zone but especially my poor nose. Where do you get your favourite ones from?

  4. sophieannetaylor says:

    I'm quite obsessed with lancome's energie de vie range and nose strips being oily faced! Glad you like masks and strips too :)sophieannetaylor.com

  5. Make Me Up Inside says:

    I'm so bad at keeping up a skincare routine, but I really love the L'Oréal pure clay purity mask bc it works really well for my oily skin!Carla x https://makemeupinside.wordpress.com/

  6. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    I'm so bad at keeping a routine too! I sometimes remember to do some of things I want to do but most of the time I forget ^^ I think I need to right down a beauty to-do list lolKirstywww.corinneandkirsty.com

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