July 15, 2017

Life Lately || Returned Home, Family Reunion, Sister’s Graduation

It's been a week since I flew home...a week?! It feels like forever; did I even leave? It is really surprising how little changed in a year. I've had a pretty full on week and it's been non-stop. Lots has already happened this week which is probably why it's flown by and I am a day behind everyone else. I keep thinking it's the day before (so today would be Friday for me when it's actually Saturday, annoying right?)
Another thing that has really hit me is how little time I have to connect with everyone on social media. It was actually a lot easier when I was 8 hours ahead, I'll hopefully have more time when I finish work this July; even scheduling tweets is hard to remember.
I am just beginning to get over jet lag and adjusting back into my sleeping pattern, although I still struggle to make it past 10pm.

Family&friends Reunion

The same day I landed was the day of my Nan's birthday so we spent the afternoon at her house with half the family. Having had 4 hours sleep in the past 48 hours it is fair to say I was half dead by mid-afternoon. It was lovely to see them after so long, especially that soon after only landing that morning. Time just flew by that day.
That same day, in the evening, it was my friends 21st. I knew I wouldn't last long just because of how tired I was but I am so happy I made it. It was soooo lovely to see them all again and have a big catch up. You know you have friends for life when nothing changes between one another after such a long time.

Lauren's Graduation (few days in Hull)

One full day at home and the next day we were travelling up North to Hull ready for my sister to graduate on the Tuesday. It was the smoothest of journeys as I was very anxious and quite ill but I made it up in one piece, that's the main thing. Lauren and I stayed at her house in Hull and my parents stayed in a hotel in the town centre. We spent the day just clearing the last few things up for Lauren to take back home (it was great as Katie (Lauren's flatmates sister) and I got lots of freebies to take up to our university flats). Whilst some of them went to the cinema, Lauren and I stayed at the house to relax a little, finish packing and have a surprising nap (that was only me though). That nap turned into a deep sleep and Lauren was unable to wake me up for dinner. After 2 hours, she finally woke me up after tickling and trying to drag me out of bed so I was up in time for dinner, although I was barely awake in the restaurant.
The following day was graduation day and we were a little unlucky because it ended up raining all day, but that wasn't going to stop us having lots of photos outside. It was a great day and I'm so proud of my sister for achieving a few single awards as well as a great result for her degree. Was it a little stressful? Yes. It's graduation so everyone wants a perfect photo for keeps and it raining meant there were lots of umbrellas banging together and bumping into everyone.

After a celebratory day, we headed home late afternoon which managed to take us 5 hours due to the horrible weather we had going down the motorway.


Back to work

Yesterday was my first day back at work after all this time and nothings changed at all. Apart from a few new staff, it's all the same but I am happy to be back. Having said that, I am happy to finish end of July just because it's been 3 years now and I want to move on to better things now. Because it's summer school at the college at the moment, lots of things are going on everywhere. I went to the marquee in my break and passed a massive snake being passed around people's necks and children holding the biggest parrot I've seen, how bizarre. Michael McIntyre also made an appearance at the college but sadly I was back in the pool by that time so I didn't manage to see him (I'll be keeping a look out next week though).
I am applying for a causal job in August just to get a little money for the rest of the summer and my best friend has also got a job there, that's just an accident waiting to happen because we're both so clumsy. I guess we'll see how it plans out.


What's your week been like? 

10 responses to “Life Lately || Returned Home, Family Reunion, Sister’s Graduation”

  1. Corinne & Kirsty says:

    Family reunion are always so much fun! Going back home is always so nice too! I am going back home for few days in August! Congrats to your sister! xx corinne

    • Abigail West says:

      Yes it's so nice isn't it! We're having a big BBQ party in a few weeks with the family which I can't wait for! Aw thank you 🙂 Abs x

  2. Chloe Lauren says:

    Sounds like things are going well in your life 🙂 Also, congrats to your sister for her graduation!

  3. lifeasloismay says:

    I cannot wait for my family reunion when I go back home after summer. Sounds like life has been treating you well recently. Good luck with your work,Lois xwww.lifeasloismay.wordpress.com

  4. yeknodelttil says:

    I love posts like this – i'm so nosey I can't help but love seeing other peoples lives. Your pictures are gorgeous xxAbi || https://theskilllessart.wordpress.com/

    • Abigail West says:

      I love reading life lately posts too so I'm trying to give regular updates as I know people enjoy them haha! Thank you so much 🙂 Abs x

  5. Melina says:

    Welcome back to the UK! I can imagine what a transition is has been to be back in your country. I can't wait to hear how you continue to adapt to being back. Take things one step at a time sweetie xxxMelina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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