My series Pinspiration started with bedroom ideas as I am hoping to redecorate in the foreseeable future. I have kept to this theme of room inspiration for this next post and thought about what I want my ideal office to look like, because I would love to have a little office or space in my future flat/house which is completely my own.
An office space should be an area which you want to be in and you're happy to work in. When I have my own flat or house in the future, I want to make room for an office space and make it all my own; my own style, favourite colour scheme, and make sure it suits my personality.


I don't like having the desk top too busy, so there is enough room for my laptop. I would like to have some shelving built above so there's room for cute little decorations.

Obviously comfort is priority in a work space. You need to stay comfortable in order to get lots of work done, you don't want to be kicked out of your own office due to the stiffness and pain from a chair...

Preferably, I would want my storage separate from my desk area. By this, I would ideally have a wall dedicated to storage, just like the examples below. I would want this to look simple rather than cluttered.

To keep the bright and airy feel to the room with a positive and light colour, I want a bright light to maintain that feeling.



Everyone likes to glam up their desk space, so here are a few ideas I like and use as inspiration for my own.

I love the idea of having old cups or up cycled products to hold pens in. Other than that on show, I would want a drawer or space to hide away all my other stationery.

It's good to have little bits of inspiration jotted around your office. I love framed quotes!

For a summery vibe, add plants into your office. I have never had plants in my rooms before but I've recently started to warm to the idea and these below would look so nice in an office.

Just some unique styles which I have come across and instantly loved. I love being creative but I need inspiration first because I am terrible at coming up with ideas.

Hopefully in a few years time I will be able to give you a tour of my office with similar ideas like these!

Do you find Pinterest helpful to get ideas for your office/any other room?

*The photos linked have been taken from Pinterest. I do not own these photos.