June 16, 2017

7 Ways that Help me Escape a Bad Mood Phase

Whenever I find myself in a bad mood, there are certain things that will instantly boost the mood. Some may give you some ideas for what you could do if you ever find yourself in a bad mood.

Listen to music

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that music can change your mood quite instantly. Getting up, signing your heart out and having a little boogie can really boost that feeling, it does for me anyway. A few favourite artists of mine: Queen Bey (obvs), Oasis, Sia, Jack Garrett, The Weeknd (a bit of a range but I like all music types).

Do something productive 

Whether it's learning something new or fixing up a DIY project, being productive can be a good distraction and get yourself focusing on other things. I love searching the internet for new things I can learn or create, Pinterest is the best for these sort of things. Occasionally, I will start to learn a new piano piece, but only if I have enough patience (because it's a long process normally).


Going out and socialising with friends or family, or even just messaging them can help get rid of your bad mood. I find talking to my friends about some old memories or remembering the funniest of times can get a good laughter out of me.


Exploring new places

Just a change of setting or an adventure in a new place you're yet to discover. I love going out, exploring and finding new and beautiful places that happen to have been sitting on your doorstep all along. I love stealing my Nans dog for a few hours and taking him on a scenic route for a walk.

Watching my favourite movie 

Putting on your favourite movie is always a good move, especially if it's a happy or funny film. Just relax and get cosy on the sofa, and watch one of favourites or a good series perhaps. I always find that Friends immediately puts me in a good mood; one of Chandler's jokes, Joey's stupidity, or Phoebe's quirkiness...it's just a great series!



Who doesn't love a good road trip? I live in the countryside so you can drive for miles with views of just the fields, hills and nature. Banging out to my best tunes and just enjoying what's around me is a great way to boost my mood.


Reminiscing through old photos 

Something which you'll often find me doing is going through old photos of my childhood, past holidays, or maybe just a memorable day I've had before. Nothing makes me more happy that looking through photos reminding me of my childhood.


How do you escape a bad mood?

3 responses to “7 Ways that Help me Escape a Bad Mood Phase”

  1. Sophie Kennerley says:

    Love this post! I agree, music can 10000% change a mood!XSophie's Escape

  2. Fashioned by Pluche says:

    Ones the photobooks are out, everyone sticks around and starts reminiscing about days past. It's the perfect way to get everyone around and smiling!And yes, music. Always music. ;)Love,Dominiquewww.fashionedbypluche.blogspot.com

  3. Claudia Ehisiemen says:

    yes music 100% great taste with sia and beyonce, try lauryn hill and SZA if you are into that stuff!! claudiaehisiemen.blogspot.co.uk

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