Ideally I would love to travel the world and visit every country but I should be a little more realistic. These are on my current travel bucket list. Some have been part of the list for a few years now and others are recent discoveries which I instantly fell in love with over photos, videos and others sharing their personal experiences. The amount of travel instagrammers and bloggers I follow allows me to find some obscure and hidden beauties, and discover countries which have been kept quiet about and are completely underrated.



Sri Lanka has been on my bucket list for a good year now and it will stick until I get there. This beautifully developed country is full of all kinds of life with outstanding scenery wherever you seem to go. You can go from taking boat rafts through the jungle rivers exploring the wilderness, to riding on one of the most scenic train routes venturing through the misty tea plantations. This country is full of beauty and picturesque views with plenty of adventures to embark on.



Considered to be the worlds happiest country (from 2016), Costa Rica is a volcano jam-packed country, sea turtle loving habitat, crystal clear waterfall home and where you can sleep in a converted Airplane (for real). I'm sold from just knowing it's the worlds happiest country. Life seems so peaceful and satisfying for those who live here.



Having been on my bucket list for a good few years now, just look at the photos above, do you understand why now? With those unspoilt landscapes of pure beauty, it would be ideal to take a road trip across the country, adding in countless outdoor adventures along the way and coming face-to-face with friendly Kiwis. New Zealand is the country where I would love to do a skydive, hopefully this will happen sometime in the next few years.



Full with hundreds of natural wonders, thousands of horses galloping across the landscape (Iceland is known for its horses), a chance to dip in the stunning Blue Lagoon, the possibility of catching a view of the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis, and hiking around the beautiful country itself; Iceland is jam-packed with activities to fulfil your days with. This country definitely sounds appealing to me.


Peru has been very popular amongst hundreds of people from its natural beauty and cultural treasures. Visit this very cultural country by exploring its ancient ruins, indulging in their delicious cuisine and taking a hike to one of the wonders of the world, Macchu Picchu. Just by looking at these photos, it seems to be a quirky and colourful place, and full of llamas!!



With those eye-catching mountainous views surrounding you, Norway is undoubtedly going to impress you. With another chance to catch the Northern Lights from a high point, Norway offers everything from mountain hikes to city escapes. Oslo is known for its modern architecture, popular museums and a lively nightlife. You definitely seem to get the best of both worlds in Norway.


It's the definition of paradise. Need I say more?


AND there we have it, my travel bucket list of 2017. I really hope to get to most of these places within the next few years (possibly more). There are so many more countries on my bucket list but these are my top picks at the moment. The top 3 in particular will not change until I make it there.


What countries are on your bucket list? Any of these?

*Disclaimer: Most photos in this post have been taken and linked from Pinterest. I do not own these photos.