May 13, 2017

Editing my Instagram Photos

I have recently started to up my Instagram game massively and using the same effects for each image to make my feed look appealing and the best it can be. I like the effect of brightness, boldness with a strong contrast. The look I go for gives a hint of redness and an increase in brightness and a slight decrease in saturation.

So here is a step-by-step guide to how I create my Instagram images.
(Note: all my photos taken and published onto Instagram are taken on my Nikon DSLR D7100)

APPs uses to edit my images: Snapseed, Instagram

There is also a Face editing section which has Enhance and Pose options.


Step 1

I start by opening up an image into Snapseed and crop the image with the square option so I already have the Instagram shape needed without having to adjust it again.


Step 2

Next, I go to the section Tune Image and adjust the brightness and contrast. I only increase both of these slightly as it may ruin the effect I use on Instagram. I occasionally decrease the Ambiance which decreases the saturation level of the photo but this depends on what the photo looks like at the time.


Step 3

I scroll down to the Filters section and select the Grainy Film effect. This effect includes adding film grain and a filter too. It gives you plenty of different filters to choose from, LO3 is the one I always choose. I take away the grain, only often will I add a little bit of grain to the image. Depending on how strong the effect is, I may decrease the Style Strength of the filter.
After saving and modifying the image and exiting Snapseed, I then open up Instagram and select the image I have just edited.
Tip: Modifying an image means you are replacing the original with the one you have edited, meaning you will lose the original. To keep the original, duplicate or save two copies of the original so you will still have a copy of the original image.


Step 4

I choose the filter Ludwig on Instagram every time. Sometimes I like the image just by adding the filter and no other adjustments and publish it like that. Other times, the image may be too bright or need a little boost to make it look better, so I'll go into the edit settings and adjust Shadows, Structure (and sometimes the Contrast and Brightness).

The image is now ready to publish onto my feed!

Here is the original and the final image. The guide to creating this look is fairly simple and takes about 2/3 minutes (it often takes longer to come up with a caption and making hashtags).



Here is my current Instagram feed. I share images daily so give me a follow ( to keep updated with my new images (mainly travel related)!

What look do you go for on Instagram?

13 responses to “Editing my Instagram Photos”

  1. Katerina Chystykova says:

    I love Snapseed too! I find it's the simplest app for photo editing. I usually edit all photos manually or use the style I created. After your post, gonna try playing with filters, maybe I will like something.Great post!Kate x

    • Abigail West says:

      Yes it's soooo simple and has everything I really need to get a nice picture! It took me a while after playing with the different filters to find the one I like which was definitely worth it. Abs x

  2. Emily says:

    Ooooh, there's so much more you can do if you take photos with a DSLR and edit them with photo apps! I am so lazy so I just use the native Photos app on my phone.

    • Abigail West says:

      Yes definitely, but I think iPhone photos can look just as good, but I can never seem to get a good photo out of my iPhone! Abs x

  3. Itsallzara says:

    Wow this is so good I just slap an Insta filter on mine, sharpen in and post haha. Your photos do look excellent though!

  4. Hannah @ The Northern Writes says:

    some great trips. I love finding accounts that go that extra mile, new follow from me :)Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  5. Chelsea ann says:

    Interesting post, I've heard about snapseed and how helpful it can be! Right now, I try to go for a minimalistic gray, whites, and blacks color scheme on my feed, it's easy because I own so many things that are gray, white, or black haha. I tried pink for a while but I own NOTHING that is pink, so it didn't work out so well. Thanks for sharing this post! I'll have to look into snapseed.

    • Abigail West says:

      I only discovered Snapseed at the beginning of this year from another blog post and I've stuck to it ever since, only for this one filter haha! Abs x

  6. Christine Estacio says:

    This is the first time I've heard of Snapseed, goes to show how much I need to learn about all this photo-editing stuff.Thanks for sharing, really informative post!♡ Christine AnneA Blueberry Girl

    • Abigail West says:

      Haha, there's a first time hearing about things for everyone! I only discovered the APP this year so I haven't been using it for too long. Abs x

  7. Shawn says:

    Because of various distinctive blaze modes, VSCO Cam performs close wonders with lighting. click here for more info

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