May 6, 2017

Decorating my Room || Pinspiration

So I have decided to have a change to my room over the summer as I have had the same layout/items in my room for quite a while now and I think I am starting to grow out of it (even though I haven’t seen my room since last August). What better place to find inspiration than Pinterest; I am addicted! One of my favourite boards and most active boards on Pinterest is Rooms and Decor, I just love seeing a range of rooms and getting ideas for my future homes to make them look all cosy. My room isn’t the biggest (my wardrobes take up half the space I swear) so I’m having to be clever with the size of items and think about where they can be placed. I’m wanting to do some painting too as the colour scheme for my room is currently a kind of vibrant candy pink colour; one wall coloured pink and the others all white. I want to change this scheme to all white so I can spice it up with coloured decor wherever and change it up whenever. This change won’t happen all at once but I can make a start on it over summer at least.

I also have my own flat for next year so I’ll be using these ideas and Pinterest, of course, to jazz it up a bit and make it my own ūüôā I can’t wait!!


I want a¬†light and airy feeling colour scheme, and then I can add a touch of colour through the decor. Greys, blues, whites…anything along these lines.

I need plenty of space for my laptop and to work on. Sadly, I have a built-in desk which is unable to come out so I will have to just think of ideas for my future home for now. I’d like it a light area with frames, quotes and plants filling the area. As the photos below are quite similar, I’m sure you can imagine the style I’m wanting to go for.

My bedside table and set of drawers are very old and starting to fall apart. To replace these, I would like more stylistic and pretty-looking shelving, with a mixture of exposed shelving and closed cupboards. Because my bed is quite high up, I need a tall-built bedside table/storage unit.




The more layers for winter, the better. I love cushions, I sleep so much better with hundreds of cushions so I would love a mix ‘n’ match of cushions to match with my bedding. I think throws with bedding complete the look and they are always so cosy, however, I always tend to throw them on the floor when I’m sleeping (whoops).



I want to keep the bright and airy feel of the room so I want a bright light with a simple and elegant lampshade. With regards to my bedside lamp, I am not overly fussed, but I have found a few cute looking lamps. I am a collector of fairy lights too so I need some placed around the room.



The wall which my bed lies against is very bare at the moment. I love the idea of having an unstructured layout of different sized frames placed all over the wall. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for on Pinterest but these ideas are still interesting.

This definitely needs repainting as all the current paint is fading away. I would like a few decorative pieces standing on the window sill, as well as some picture frames and maybe a patterned vase to keep some flowers in.

Anything extra I like the look of or which wouldn’t fit into any of the above categories. I love little objects which can make a statement in a bedroom.


What do you use Pinterest to inspire you for?




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*Disclaimer: The photos linked have been taken from Pinterest. I do not own these photos. 

9 responses to “Decorating my Room || Pinspiration”

  1. Lauren West says:

    I love to use Pinterest to find recipes, it's so inspiring!

  2. Britt K says:

    I love home decoration! We are just starting to put together our inspiration boards for all the rooms in the house we moved into this past November – first there was Christmas, and then we started with a focus on the back yard so just getting around to focusing on the inside now! Britt |

    • Abigail West says:

      Same, I love thinking about my house in the future and how I will decorate it. That's such a good idea, I hope it's all going well. Abs x

  3. Aria A. says:

    I think we have the same room aesthetic. I love these ideas from colour scheme to decorations. I use Pinterest to get ideas for a lot of different things. Mostly I get inspiration from Pinterest for interior design, planner ideas and recipes.Aria |

    • Abigail West says:

      I'll have to give you a follow on Pinterest now, I love finding room decor posts which give me new/different ideas.Abs x

  4. Lauren - Explore a Corner says:

    I love looking for home décor ideas on pinterest too despite the fact I know I don't want to settle down and have a permanent home for at least a few more years but there are so many cool and creative ideas. Pinterest is just amazing for everything. Obviously I mostly use it for travel related inspiration and resources but also find some good recipes on there!

    • Abigail West says:

      I love using Pinterest for all kinds of things and ideas. It makes me want to be so creative sometimes but I end up never being that hahaha! Abs x

  5. Alicia S says:

    I love using Pinterest to find inspiration to decorate my room…even more exciting that will be decorating my room very very soon.Alicia xAesthetic Obsessed

    • Abigail West says:

      It's so useful, especially now as I'm back home so can find ideas and actually use them to decorate my room! Abs x

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