May 25, 2017

4 Important Aspects to a Blog Post

The four important aspects which I consider to be the most important of them all. Obviously we want you to produce good content, and read your opinions on products/thoughts but what is it which draws us towards us to a blog post in the first place and why we continue to read through it all? This is only what I think are the important factors and what makes me click on posts, obviously this may not be the same opinion for everyone.

Post cover photos

The cover photos you use for posts is so important because it is one of the ways which will drive viewers to read that post. If it's a bad quality image, they may not click on the post. I tend to take lots of photos on one day so I have a few ready for posts in the future. What's the harm in spending a few hours in one day for taking lots of photos so you have some lined up for future posts?

Title to a post

Another crucial factor is the title to a post. You want it to stand out, you want to drive people towards it and make them want to click on the post, so how can you do that?
- Think of obscure titles
- Include key words (important, ultimate, crucial, etc)
- Mention what the topic of the post is
- Make it sound exciting/different to others
- Or just get straight down to the point
- Avoid clickbait!!


Style of writing 

The style of writing will vary for everyone, but I always think it's been important to write how YOU would write. Don't pretend to be this perfect writer, or act as a professional writer. That then means you're pretending to be someone you're not and your whole blog isn't truly you. Be unique and stand out by writing the way you normally would. I tend to write how I would speak (depending on what sort of post it is I guess) because then people will start to understand what sort of person I am.


Linking to other posts

Include a few relevant links to other posts as another way of increasing traffic to your other posts. Trust me, they work. This will allow readers to make their way around your blog and hopefully ending in following you on your social media (oh look, there's an example of how to link other posts in a post).


What do you think are important for a blog post to be a success?

4 responses to “4 Important Aspects to a Blog Post”

  1. Hannah Morris says:

    I love this! I struggle with titles so much, they tend to always be straight to the point, as I simply can't think of anything else; must get better at that!xxHannah | luxuryblush

    • Abigail West says:

      I'm the same. I always read these amazing, appealing titles and think why can't I ever come up with something like that. But then again, everyone looks at those things differently and you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Abs x

  2. Jho says:

    Great tips. I've been thinking about putting text in front of or behind the first image in each of my blog post but then again, I think i'll be forcing myself to do something just because other bloggers do it. You know? I'll definitely utilize links to older posts in the future. Thanks.The Girl on the Tamarind Hill

    • Abigail West says:

      I used to do that and it took me for ages, and in the end I just removed them all just because I didn't really like the way I was doing it. They can look so good and catchy though! But yes I completely agree. Abs x

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