Apart from my travel posts, I never really put much effort into my photography. I would take about 30 photos in one day and use them for all my lifestyle posts hoping no one would realise. Recently, I have decided to become less lazy and make my photographs a little more appealing, not just on my blog but also my Instagram. I am starting to create a theme where they all look very bright and have a sharp contrast to make items in the photos stand out. I am going to explain how I have improved my photographs; it's quite simple but I thought certain processes may help yours.


I have started to layout the subjects in the photo in a better way instead of just throwing them on my bed or against a wall and snapping away.



The tripod I have was bought by my parents and is a really good quality make, with a sturdy stand and with many adjustable settings to get to the level/position you want your camera to be in. I recommend this trip to all advanced photographers/bloggers/vloggers because it does everything you need it to at a high standard quality.


Apart from some old photos, I now try to maintain the background a light colour. This just adds a bit more depth and contrast to the photo and also keeps all focus on the foreground subjects. I tend to stick to a white background but sometimes a light blue or grey colour.



Apart from iPhone photos (which I no longer use in my bag), all my photos will be edited in Photoshop. I love Photoshop so much and have a monthly subscription so it'd be a waste if I didn't use it. I have recently discovered a new way to edit in Photoshop which I may share with you in the future (it's a secret hack!!)


How do you make your photography stand out?