Having followers on your blog social media accounts is one of the main priorities into making your blog's audience bigger and one step towards making your blog a success. You want people to see your blog, read it and talk about it. I have never been that focused on this aspect of my social medias but after reading many blog posts about why they are so important, I have recently been upping my game on all social media platforms to get my blog out into the big wide world. I am proud of my blog so why wouldn't I want it to be a success? I am only active on three social media platforms, some more than others, which is more than enough for me at the moment. It's so hard to keep track of them all!

These are only a few tips to get you going but this is how I've started to build my follower count on these specific social medias.



The main way I have gained more followers is by joining in with blogging chats. People can read your interests and make connections with you from your answers which eventually leads to you following one another. At the end of each chat you usually share your blogs amongst the group which you can either give your blog URL or maybe you have a post you've written which relates to the chat topic. Giving different/humorous/truthful answers to the chat questions can stand out and get a good reaction from the other bloggers, this is good to keep in mind. Having the same interests with other bloggers instantly creates a connection and it's a good way to build your follower statistics.

Another way is advertising your posts throughout the day with tags to blogging accounts which will then retweet and favourite your tweet. This will then spread the word and lead you to getting some more followers on all social media platforms, depending on what the post is.

I use a variety of scheduling APPs to keep my twitter active when I am unable to physically use it. These are very popular amongst bloggers as it keeps their audience in the loop and kept up to date with recent and the occasional old posts.



Having recently improved my photography through my blog and social media, I have been engaging more on all platforms, Instagram being one of them. I have set up a theme to keep my audience interested and intrigued with the photos I can create. Having a theme is important so your audience knows your style. It took me a while to find my style but I have now stuck to one which I am happy with, bringing lots of traffic to my Instagram. Adding hashtags has been something I have started to incorporate into my posts which has definitely increased the amount of people it reaches. Hashtags are very important to include as it can reach beyond your followers and more people can see you photos which may lead to gaining some followers. I am still in the process of building my followers as I think it is only natural to do it this way (instead of buying followers which I personally think is ridiculous and quite sad) but I keep adding to my following list daily with people who inspire me with their content, create beautiful photos and just have lovely personalities.



One confession I have with Pinterest, I never post my own photos, only pin others. Maybe this is why I don't gain followers. I have always been addicted to Pinterest but never really cared about my follower statistic (I have only recently found out how many I have). I don't have many and I think it is hard to stand out in Pinterest unless you have the BEST photos of all time or your blog is linked in and your content is at a high standard! I have started to connect my blog through to Pinterest which will hopefully drive traffic to my blog and of course my Pinterest. I have also started taking my own Pinterest-worthy photographs (which I am yet to start posting) so will hopefully bring people to my Pinterest. If you have any pointers on how to gain followers on Pinterest, please share in the comments and let me know! 


How do you gain more followers through your SM?