Whether it’s for a weekend escape, a long layover or a quick stop on your travels, Shanghai has plenty to offer for everyone for which you can get a taste of in a weekend.


Enjoy photographs and a walk amongst the crowds along the Bund

Being part of the crowds in Shanghai is an experience in itself. Get those typical “I’ve been to Shanghai” photographs with the skyscrapers in the backdrop and take a short stroll across the bund promenade. It’s a bonus if the sky is clear and pollution is low!


Explore the spectacular Yu Gardens (Yuyuan)

You can’t miss the Yu Gardens or the Old Town which surrounds it. Time to experience a little bit of old China perhaps.


Visit a museum 

With many museums across Shanghai, you can’t miss one. Shanghai museum is known to be the favourite, whilst others like the Natural History Museum and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall are also very popular.


Interested in shopping? Choose from the high-end malls to the fake markets 

Choose from high-end malls with Prada, Gucci, Cartier etc, to the fake markets jotted around Shanghai offering fake-branded handbags, watches, clothes and accessories.


Take a trip to people’s square/park – where you will catch the marriage market

You can see the locals get together and play games on tables or at the weekends you can witness a marriage market, from 12pm-5pm. Find out more about what these are here.


Maybe take a lift up one of the skyscrapers 

For the prices, one of these is definitely worth it. See panoramic views of the whole city and get an idea of how big this city actually is. However, this is only worth it on a clear day so make sure your judgement is good.


Have children? Spend a day at Disneyland

What is better than a day spent enjoying rides and your children seeing their favourite disney characters, and maybe yours too?


Go and see the circus, very popular in Shanghai

Shanghai circus has a very good status and is said to put on a good show. Why not check it out?


Stop off at a restaurant in the heart of Jing’An or along the Bund

With a wide range of tasty and delicious restaurants and cafes, you’d miss out if you didn’t try one out. Jing’An has a great range of restaurants with outstanding reputations. The Bund also offers plenty of choice with an extra bonus of nightlife views, maybe at a little more expensive price.


Get an idea of the Shanghai nightlife and enjoy a drink at the finest bars in the city

Xintiandi is the center of night life. With plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to choose from, you can enjoy a glass of wine whilst appreciating the atmosphere around you. OR enjoy a few drinks on a rooftop bar on the bund overlooking the cities’ nightlife.


Are you going to Shanghai anytime soon? Have you done any of these?