This last week has been very strange for me as I keep remembering different places, shops and even houses. On the bus route down from the mountain, we would always go past the first house my family had in Taiwan. I have loved every second of exploring Taiwan again, and would definitely come back, maybe even move back!

During our time here, we managed to get around and explore a lot of places. So, where did we go?



Shilin is located just at the bottom of the mountain and is known for it's many shops, markets and street food. We wondered around the area and further during the day and eventually made our way towards the night market. It got busier and busier as the night went on. It is lovely to see the town come alive at night, compared to what it is like in daytime.



About a 20 minute ride up the mountain from my friends house, you find yourself surrounded by mountainous views and beautiful nature.



With the sun shining and high temperatures, we travelled 20 minutes by metro to the capital, Taipei. A small uncertainty of where we were going, we just walked across the city and luckily ended up at Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall. This stunning, crystal clean, white building stood out through the grounds. After an hour or so exploring the buildings and and gardens, we aimed for the Taipei 101. Giving a beautifully clear view to the top, we were very lucky with the weather as it had been foggy the rest of the time.



A drive up through the vibrant mountains, we made our way to the picturesque village of Wulai, with the river running through the valley. A walk through the village we discovered the hot springs which the locals use to bathe, swim and relax in, Further up the hill, the Wulai waterfall is seen ahead of us with the cable cars running over it.



On our last day, we journeyed down to the coast to a small fishing town called Tamsui. The sea front and old fishing town offers fresh seafood stalls, a walk by the calming sea, and boat trips across to close by islands. The weather was a bit depressing during our visit, nevertheless it was good to return after many years and see it hasn't changed much.


Have you visited Taiwan and seen any of these places? Let me know in the comments 🙂