An early and breezy start to the day, I walked around the town strolling in and out of temples as they are everywhere, and I mean everywhere; I went past 4 within 5 minutes.

With blue skies all around and the temperature not too high at the time, I decided to hike up to Chomsy Hill where a picturesque temple sits. It's been about 6 months since I last did a hike in this heat so it wasn't easy. In respect to the culture, you have to cover your arms and legs so I was wearing 'gap yah' trousers and a long sleeved top; this definitely didn't help the hike! There were some people in jeans who I couldn't help but feel sorry for; what were they thinking?! I was a little stupid in doing this hike on an empty stomach. I only had after to hydrate myself every now and then.

I made it to the top after a 15 minute trek and the only word going through my mind was wow. The views were astonishing; with the city madness just below and mountains circling the city in the distance. It was a very clear day too so you were able to see quite far out and get an idea of how big Luang Prabang is (a lot bigger than it feels).

Heading back down the main streets, I stopped at a small cafe off the main road to get a late morning breakfast. I have been craving a sweet breakfast for ages, so I went all out and got a waffle.

Having not done much research into how to get to places out of the city, I just took the rest of the day to wonder around the city as it's not that big so it's easy to get to places by foot. I got to one side off of the main street which over looked one of the rivers and which many fancy hotels and resorts were located.

I ended up at the beach the other side looking over Mekong River to watch the sunset which was A-MA-ZING! It's been a good while since I have seen a sunset that pretty. After a few hours of just relaxing at the beach, I got some dinner and wondered around the night market again (treating myself to a crepe on the way home). I headed to bed early so I was ready for an adventurous day with the elephants!!

Laos has been my favourite place in SE Asia so far, what's your favourite place you've been to or want to travel to?